[KNOWN ISSUE] Wu Kong cancels Ranvir? (Visual)

So I’m not 100% sure if this is just a visual bug or what, but if you activate Wu Kong AFTER Ranvir, the Gambler’s Stance and Mystics Virtue disappear. I noticed this when fighting a purple Titan and recreated it on 1:8-7 which means it’s replicable.

These are screenshots of me using tiles to hit a mob after Gambler’s Stance was cast and several turns later long after both effects should’ve timed out. At first I thought it was just visual, but I think casting Wu Kong after Ranvir in the same turn cancels them both out.

After this post goes up, I’ll see if Ranvir after Wu Kong creates the same bug or not.

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But why would you use them both at the same time anyways? They wouldn’t stack. At best it’s like firing 2X kirils in the same turn even when your heroes are full health. Even if this is a bug, you’ve gotta be the only person ever to use them both at the same time. It’s like if there was a bug that aife gives bleed damage to 14* titans even tho she shouldn’t. Nobody would know or care.

Don’t think its a bug. Pretty sure its working as design.

Same as people like Boldtusk overwrites Kiril.

The same buff gets cancelled by the newer buff.

Okay well I ran a few more tries, and sometimes it seemed like Wu Kong didn’t activate at all. I cast the ability and nothing happened. This time around I did it, and Wu Kong worked normally even after Ranvir, so not sure what’s going on.

It’s touched on here by Zephyr:

Also in the “Status Effects” thread by DaveCozy, the two are listed as equivalents

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Because of my yellow heroes, after Vivica+7, Gretel+14, Ranvir, and Chao+18, Wu Kong has the highest attack value for straight tile damage. ALSO because of @Guvnor’s work here (Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong) Wu Kong does cause more tile damage, BUT I wanted to have the +dark defense that Ranvir gave, so firing Wu Kong after Ranvir would allow me to reap the tile benefits while increasing my mono-yellow’s survival rate.

Overwrite =/= straight dispel. I can understand the most recent buff overwriting the old one, but the game mechanics don’t straight up remove the buff ENTIRELY which is what seems to be happening. Wu Kong after Ranvir means NO GAMBLER BUFF AT ALL. Not the most recent one going on top.


I don’t think @MD-DC is saying they overwrite each other, I think the screenshots are showing a case where the status effects just totally disappear instead of overwriting.


Ahh i get what you’re saying now…

Yeah definitely a bug if BOTH disappear.

Maybe also grab a video of it? Tapping the hero cards BEFORE firing Ranvir then AFTER firing Ranvir then AFTER firing Wu Kong.

I don’t have a video recording app and am hesitant to add one. I’m hoping my screenshots suffice. The images are clearly sequential as you can tell by mobs, score, and tiles.

I’d do it for you but I don’t have Ranvir…

@Petri & @Staff_SGG any comment?

Well for what it’s worth, I tried replicating the bug on my iPad, and they seem to be behaving normally (Wu Kong after Ranvir, Wu Kong shows up as normal and Gamblers is working as intended as I had a tile miss on an ice wolf).

So I’m not sure entirely what caused it, but it might be something the staff want to look into. Not a huge priority though as @sweg mentioned. I dunno.

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I tried running through 8-7 twice with this team, and recorded video:

Unfortunately, despite multiple times trying activating Ranvir then Wu, and vice-versa, I couldn’t reproduce this so far. I tried firing them both with a pause in between, and at the same time — both ways worked as expected.

I’m on iOS — perhaps it’s possible this is an Android issue?

Or maybe some other variable is involved?

iPhone 7 plus

I tried putting back my battle items as I usually bring for Titans, and I could no longer replicate it. Looking at my raw tile damage in the screens beforehand and now, I’m not sure what was going on beforehand since the tile damage was much higher than this time around but no misses or as high as it should be. But it’s working normally now.

Maybe it has something to do with the Titan. I can’t test that because it’s dead, but that might be part of it.

Idk. It seems like it self corrected, so maybe the code loaded into ram weird. Idk. I’m not a coder.

Thanks for your speedy response and effort @zephyr1. Above and beyond. :clap:


For curiosity’s sake, here’s raw tile damage with no buffs activated at all. One can see it’s clearly lower than the first post but not as high as with Wu Kong active, so something was going on that was this weird hybrid buff with no status indicator.

Maybe it’s noteworthy to help the damage number crunchers understand what’s going on. Maybe the tiles are not calculated on a tile by tile basis but as a single column lump and visually shows differently than the underlying code actually does. So maybe Wu Kong WAS active but it didn’t run the visual display like it should’ve. Hmm… :thinking:

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There have been several bugs in the past with status effects not displaying properly, so I think this is a very real possibility.


Hi @MD-DC, in order for us to be able to investigate this further, could you please #contact-support with the exact time and date of when this battle happened? Thanks!


This visual issue should be fixed in the next update (version 26). I’ll mark this as a known issue for now.


Beside the fact that Petri confirmed it and the tile damage shows as higher compared to unbuffed later in the thread, looking at my posts on the first post, Chao and Ranvir show a MASSIVE +atk stat buff which means that Gambler’s Stance was likely active but not showing in the status window.

Glad it’s been noticed. Thanks again!


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