[KNOWN ISSUE] Wonderland Event Game Freeze


I have same issue in Epic section.

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Bad news mate…20chars

Solved it by getting close and then carpet bombing the Hatter…not sure that is what is meant to happen though :wink:

The same thing happened to me. I was able to click on the hero cards but unable to move tiles or click on diamonds or to use or highlight items. I could click on “auto play” but the feature would not make matches.

Here’s a link to the video. I wasn’t able to run away either and had to close out the app:

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We are trying to fix the situation asap, please stay tuned and follow this announcement:


Fyi, an app update has just appeared in Playstore. Not sure if this is connected…

The Issue is caused by the Mad Hatter Boss Special Skill ‘Mad as a Hatter’, that steals beneficial status effects from the opponent.

We have now fixed the issue by temporarily changing the special skill of the Boss Mad Hatter to ‘Piercing Strike’. This temporary fix will not affect the Hero Mad Hatter. The Special Skill ‘Mad as a Hatter’ is going to be fixed as soon as possible in a new build.

Apologies for anyone who had their gameplay frozen by the bug & thank you for reporting this to us so quickly!


Same here L 5 wave 3. Playing on IOS

Glitch in the Challenge event. Legendary Tier. 5th level. The whole game freezes up. Have to restart the phone and I lose all the flags for that level.

Have you tried to restart your game?


I didn’t notice any of this on rare and epic, and I am just starting the legendary now , hopefully the solution will suffice for now.

I can’t figure out how you guys are uploading a video. It only allows me to use pic and link

upload the video on youtube and link it here

So far all the submitted videos and screenshots have a counter hero and Boldtusk. Perhaps connected to either of them?

About half an hour ago at wonderland event game freezed and the connection lost. Game resaterted and my energy was lost. Also my friend had the same issue at the same time with me. Please check.

Do not share your id here. @Rook @Kerridoc you might want to edit this post.

I deleted. thank you

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Was on stage 8 of rare tier…game froze…had to restart tablet, therefore cannot send in ticket. Thxs

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