[KNOWN ISSUE] WO3K Warband view shows damaged teams

In regular war, going to the alliance view then to an individual player info shows a full healthy team. However in WO3K, doing the same with the the individual war player info screen shows the current state of that player’s team. It can be healthy, damaged, or killed.

I could not reproduce this problem.
The player information is shown me the same state as I see on the battlefield,
And it is working exactly the same for me as the nornal Wars.

Can you post a screenshot about this player on the battlefield ?

Thank you for the report! We are aware of this issue and will look into fixing it. I’ve marked this topic as a known issue.


Hi this picture was not from the battlefield, where it would have been fine. It was from this screen which I got from going to the alliance view (or to the leaderboard). See this photo. I just got killed again so if you click on my name it shows the same killed team

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Oh, I see I could reproduce it opened from there, and I now saw it is working differently at War, but that opens up the member RAID defense team, and not the WAR defense team.

While the WO3K opens up the War defense team.
I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but @Petri will tell what do Staff think about it :slight_smile:

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You are right, but here is my analogy to sports like lacrosse, television wrestling, boxing, American football, etc. The warband info page should be like the playbill of the event, with people dressed in nice clothes looking good for the cameras. It shouldn’t have people with bloodied lips, swollen eyes, or worse yet, knocked out! That needs to be saved for the battlefield view :smile:

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