[KNOWN ISSUE] When Misandra’s special misses opponent, it attacks allies (v21)

After the latest update Misandra tends to hit her own team. It happened to me already 7-8 times today. She doesn’t do it every time her special skill is triggered but I think that she tends to do it when she is supposed to hit the target several times. She attacks her own allies instead. She doesn’t drop the HP of her teammates but she doesn’t decrease the HP of the target either


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Do you have a snap shot of your team and the defense team,.
I hope there is no Merlin in the defense team?
If you can capture the scenario in a picture , it will definitely help to clarify some details.


@GraphOn , thanks for posting this! The same thing has happened to me twice now. Both times was right after Misandra revived from her own emblem-revive talent. She had 1 life (of course) and I full mana. When I selected the opponent I wanted her to attack, she instead hit her fellow teammates (my other heroes)!! The first time I thought I’d imagined it. It happened 2 days ago in the raid tournament. It was a close battle and I ended up not winning. The second time was this morning during a normal raid. The opposing Lianna killed my full-mana Misandra, but Misandra revived at the end of the turn. When I attacked the selected opponent to exact my retribution, however, Misandra “attacked” her own teammates again. This second time I was paying a little more attention, so I noticed that my attacked heroes didn’t seem to take any damage. But neither did the selected opposing hero. Misandra’s “small amount of mana” bonus for her fellow heroes also didn’t seem to get applied. I have been trying to reduplicate this and have recorded all my battles since this morning, but no luck yet. I think it has something to do with her revive talent. Please keep recording your battles and try to duplicate this to help get it fixed.

While I’m at it, may I just say thanks to the programmers who are writing all the code for all these new abilities. When I saw Margaret’s new ability and thought of the combos she might enable with Inari and some other mana manipulators, I felt impressed by how complicated all the programming might be getting. Thanks for a great game!!

It happened again later on while I was attacking a titan, but it had nothing to do with this time with Misandra’s revive talent. She again didn’t deal any damage. I wasn’t expecting it, so I didn’t record it. Still trying to record it…

I managed to record it when it happened again. I think that it happens when wu Kong’s special is active .


So that’s what it was… I knew I wasn’t tweaking lol… It happened to me in war…

I didn’t have Wu BUT I had Tarlak…

Have you submitted a support ticket on that yet? That video should really help them with debugging. If you haven’t submitted a ticket yet, here’s how:


@Garanwyn And then what? By following those steps, I was taken to https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/c/bugs-issues, but how does one submit an new support request there? I don’t see any place to create a new thread. Thanks!

Sounds like you clicked on the “Report A Bug” button rather than the “Support” button. I’m not 100% sure why they chose those names, but I think it confuses a lot of people.

Once you click on the support button, it will take you to the correct site to open a ticket.


Thank you for the guidance! I just submitted the support request. I’ll post an update when I hear more.


You’re welcome! This definitely seems like something that needs to be addressed.

What level is your misandra?
For the last month i play all my raid with blue team and my Misandra is 3.70 never ever she attacked her own teammates but just incase i will keep focusing
Maybe it has to do with level or with the team ot self
As of @GraphOn video he had Wu skill up, so it might to do something with blind?

Thank you for the reports. We are aware of this issue with Misandra’s special and we will be fixing this in the next update (version 22)! I have marked this as a known issue now.


I’m having the same problem with misandra. Downloaded latest update ,she still does it

My misandra is one assention short of full power,level 70

Hi @Keith1234, and welcome to the forum! As you can see from Petri’s post just a little upthread, this bug won’t be fixed until version 22 is released. SG doesn’t publish a timeline for their version releases, but based on their historical cadence, I’d guess it will come out sometime in the next 2-4 weeks.


I though she was just distributing mana to her team mate. But… why is she not hitting any of her opponent? So this is the answer. Thank you.

I downloaded the latest update and was excited when during a raid my Misandra was blinded but attacked the opponents instead of her teammates!! Good girl. I thought maybe the bug had been fixed. But then, in the very next raid, I kid you not, my Misandra ended up dying while she had multiple-turn fire damage. Luckily, she revived with 1 HP and, even though she was about to die (again) at the end of her turn because of the fire, she had full mana. Well, at least she wasn’t blind, so I would at least get one good hit out of her…nope. She attacked her teammates again. :frowning:

Submit another ticket