[KNOWN ISSUE] What is my actual trophy? Visual Bug

2549 vs 2635

I have tried to close and reopen the game but it doesn’t change.

Here is what happen. I use 6 raid flags to fill my chest. The first 5 flags were used in less than 10 minutes. When I am about to use the last flag, my trophy was above 2600. I won the last attack, but after finishing it, a notification appear that my defense have lost an attack (in the watchtower the lost already happen before I logged in but it is displayed last). The notification said I lost 35 trophy, as my trophy should have been above 2600 after the 6th flag, there is no way it drop to 2549 because of that defensive loss.


Extra information:
My attack:
Total = +86

It seems my trophy when I logged in is 2584

2584 + 86 - 35 = 2635

2584 - 35 = 2549

Based on those calculation, my trophy should have bern 2635 but the system put it as 2549 as if my six attacks didn’t exist, only counting the defensive loss.

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I don’t think it is a bug. It is just a simple delay in the updating of the current status.

I just add another picture, it seems the defensive loss is delayed, it say 48 minutes ago which is around 10 minutes before I even logged in. It is at least a visual bug as the number did not match:

2549: Watchtower, Player Profile, Raid Window, & Lower Part of Leaderboard.

2635: Alliance, Player Info, & Leaderboard. + Manual Calculation.

Its been 40 minutes and still like this.

I try to find opponent with trophy around 2549, and it say I will get 23 for a win and lost 38 if I lose. I don’t know the trophy gain formula but as the loss is bigger than the gain, could it be that the system count my trophy as 2635 which is the correct one based on my manual calculation? If that so, maybe it is a visual bug, but as I don’t know the formula, I guess it is more appropriate to wait for staff confirmation.

All trophy become 2658 (2635 + 23) after I won the attack.

It is a visual bug that persist even after closing and reopening the game. But it return to normal after another raid attack.


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At 4 February 2020, 00:30 UTC, my trophy was 2334.

At 4 February 2020, 02.40 UTC, I login to the game to complete my raid chest.

At 4 February 2020, 02.47, I fill my raid chest and about to open it. On its way I gain 84 more trophies and make it to 2418 (Diamond)

Suddenly a pop-up appear indicating my base have been raided, I win 1 time and lose 1 time, 0 trophy gained/lossed.

When I collect my raid chest reward, it said platinum. (I do not take screenshot because I forget that the highest league is diamond).

I check what is wrong then I found out that the trophy displayed in my watchtower and raid page is 2334 instead of the correct one which should have been 2418 which is displayed in alliance tab. If you look at the screenshot I provided it should have been:

When a raided (defense) message appear after finishing a raid attack, the trophy displayed and used for raid chest loot tier use trophy after raided without counting the trohpy gained/lossed from raid attack.

In my case it only count 2334+33-33 = 2334
Neglecting the raid attack I have done before the late pop-up message appearance (39+45).

**Previously I thought this is only a visual bug, but as my raid chest loot tier is platinum while my actual trophy should have been 2418, it is clear that it is not just visual.

I have submitted a support ticket about this. @Petri

Thank you.

The staff said in the response that in their log my chest tier is diamond league, so the “platinum” shown is also a visual bug.

They can say anyhing they want and you have no means to check their answer. Trophy count being a cosmetic glitch, that I can buy, but the diamond chest saying platinum while your trophy count is below 2400 don’t sound like a visual glitch to me… anyway, is more of a theorethical issue, as diamond and platinum loot are hard to tell apart from each other…

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This is apparently an old and known problem that has never been corrected. See:

I sent a ticket with some screenshots that should have been enough information and received a response requesting more info, screenshots and what time it happened. Well after a search, its obviously not unique to me. I’m fairly certain this happened to me before early on in the game and I collected anyway and it rewarded me based on the incorrect trophy count so… I didnt collect this time around and used (wasted) a flask to try and see what it would do. Once another attack is recorded, the trophy count is updated to the correct number and it seems that is the ONLY way to get it to the correct #

SGG has reviewed my ticket and concluded the game is fine. It isnt, and they are wrong.

Would have been nice to get my flask back, at least.

I photoshopped the raid log into one file so its easier to read.

Summary of events:

I came on and used my 6 flags to attack the last 6 listed in my log, to fill my raid chest. This brought my real total trophies to 2410.
Once I left the raid screen, a popup appeared showing me the loss of 22 trophies shown as 40 min ago in this file. The trophy count then changed to 2265, and that is wrong. What the game did was provide a total trophy count at that point in time 40 min ago, meaning: Once it subtracted the 22 trophies from my total trophies then (would have been 2287), it came up with 2265 and didnt bother to add in any of the subsequent wins that gave me another 145 trophies. 2265+145=2410 which is what I had before the popup and what I should have had once I closed that window, but no… there is an error and the calculation was wrong and was not corrected until I used a flask and attempted another match, which I lost, so now I had 2378 or something like that. It seems that once the calculation is wrong its stuck there until another number is added or subtracted from the trophy count by means of an attack (I would presume either by the player or against the player by someone else) and at that point its correct again.

FWIW this is on Android, and I would say version number doesnt matter since its been an ongoing issue as evidenced by links above.

It also seems too difficult to comprehend for tech support.

Any evidence this is more than a cosmetic issue? If you were to open a chest while the trophies were wrong would you be in the wrong tier? If not, it certainly doesn’t seem like a priority to fix this as it would require them to query trophy count actively instead of allowing the server to push. I assume since loot is determined on the server opening the chest would likely also correct the number… So yeah slightly inconvenient but rare occurrence.

I forgot to attach the backup of the count, I did not take a screenshot at the beginning of my attacks so I had to backtrack, hence the long log file. This shows the count and the player I was on, the math works out fine.

As for what would have happened had I just collected it, based on my memory (any good? who knows.) of what happened way back when it seems to me I came across this once before and it rewarded me based on the current chest. If SGG was at all interested in it they could test that theory I’m certain.

In any case, its a bug.

Really combative responses. Being told its simply a “visual” issue.
So how am I supposed to know what the count really is? Its only because I had a video with previous data I was even able to figure out what the true count was. Seems like they want me to do their job for them and keep my own count on hand and ignore the little “visual” telltale in the top right of the screen. If that is the case, just get rid of the count then, so I can ignore it when its wrong.

I am sure I saw “platinum” in my chest when I opened with what should have been more than 2400 trophy. The staff said in the response that my trophy is indeed 2418 not the incorrectly displayed 2334.

However I do not take the screenshoot of the chest. The staff did say that in their log, my chest is diamond tier.

@zephyr1 maybe a master thread should be created for this bug. This should have been a known issue. When will come the fix? @Petri

I call it a visual issue because the server knows the correct count it’s only your client showing the wrong number. I actually had it happen to me again yesterday, but when I left the game for awhile and came back the number was corrected.

This would rarely cause a gameplay issue as based on yelnats report the loot chest is based on the actual trophy count on the server and doing anything that updates the value will get your client back in sync.

It’s a bug, but visual and minor.

@Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu this is the 4th time I experienced this.

I open the game with 2389 trophy. I raid and gain 143 trophy so my trophy ended up at 2532.

When I am about to open my raid chest, raid pop-up appear saying I have been attacked and lost 31 trophies and ended up with 2358 trophy (2389-31). It should have been 2389-31+143 = 2501.

Previously I submitted tickets but the staff always claim that the chest I opened is Diamond, but I have the video that prove otherwise:

My trophy in alliance tab is 2501 (correct) while at profile is 2358 (incorrect). When I opened the chest it say “Platinum” where the correct one should have been diamond.

I wanted to submit follow-up ticket about this but cannot access zendesk anymore, redirected to helpshift instead, but it won’t allow me to login so I cannot follow-up the previous ticket. @moderators

Thank you for the reports, I have escalated this to our QA team and they are currently investigating. I will update here as I know more. Thank you in advance for your patience.


The issue has been solved with the v.34 update. Thank you


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