[KNOWN ISSUE] War of the Three Kingdoms - Warband ranking not in descending point order

I think we should see the Warbands in descending Warband score order.

Or the Ranking is not done by Warband score ?


And should not we see at least 100 Warbands here ?

I see only 87.


I want to know why i cat play in the war and another people from my alianse playing …

I have also several alliance members who can not access the event either…

Staff is enabling it for players continously:

Ask them to check again, as Petri said this recently:

Another Example of the warband not ranking correctly…

Bottom of the screen shows us at 4th in the Wei Kingdom but first is 8 million behind and has a lower score then second.

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Thx for the confirmation in another Kingdom.

Petri has written me that Staff looking into this.

It’s the same for me.
In 13th place there is a gang with the same name as the one in which I am and we are not even classified at all.

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Where are you guys seeing the ranking?

I don’t seem to have that screen.

Edit: NM found it, gear icon from battlefield.


Same issue here…my warband is called Relentless Alligators, but there appears to be at least 2 with the same name. Shouldn’t the warband names be unique to facilitate ranking and tracking?

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I am putting it here anyway in case someone else doesn’t see it:

(Gear icon and rankings)


I would expect them to be unique but I am asking it from Staff.

It is reported here too

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Sounds good. Thanks for following up.

There is an error displaying the correct squad in the rating if two squads with the same name are present in the rating at the same time.
See screenshots:
When the Passionate Hyenas squad (the best K3rbeye player) was the only one (with that name) in the top 100, it ranked 34th. As soon as my squad (also Passionate Hyenas, but already the best player Mati) entered the top100, our squad took the place of the first squad, although it should not have done so (immediately to 32nd place).
Probably for this reason, there are fewer units than 100 in the top100 rating, since some of them have the same names

Another duplicated name is reported here:

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We are aware of the issue with the Top Warbands leaderboard, and we are looking into fixing it soon. Thank you for reporting!

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Thx @Petri

Now for me it seems to be fixed in Shu Kingdom.

Order is descending now, but I can still see only 86 warband in the ranking.
I am in Shu Kingdom.

Yes, I see the same number of Warbands too in Shu.

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