[KNOWN ISSUE] War bug: suicide war

I would love to go to war with myself and crush myself… lol

Maybe it’s the implementation of frequently requested practice fights against alliance members :wink:

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5 for a win 1 for a lose --> 6
3 for a draw and 3 for a draw --> 6

Where do you score the bonus 7th point? I want that too!!!


+1 zeal bonus point if each player kicks their own defense team’s ■■■ at least once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s a win win situation anyway!


@J.o @mhalttu should probably have a look at this.

But consider—if there are an odd number of alliances, what should the system do? In sporting events, the odd team is given a bye into the next round, which is treated as a win.

Maybe there should be some artificial alliance for such cases

That’s what’s done for raids—you may occasionally find ypurself fighting “Doppleganger” which is you. That’s easy, though, because all they have to do is copy your defense team and then run the normal defense AI.

Running a war on offense, though, would require a whole new AI system (for team selection, at a minimum). That’s a lot of work to manage the 1-in-100,000 problem created by having an odd number of alliances.


I guess SG can afford implementation of such feature. There are multi million dollar company, right?

Well. That’s … um… interesting.

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Normally I would say … mistakes happen, don’t beat yourself up … First time I get to say: Mistake happened, go beat the living daylights out of yourself :rofl:


If you could vote for an improvement to the game that takes three weeks of two programmers’ time, is this fix really what you would prioritize? Not me.


Well it’s a bit offtopic. But they can implement new 5* heroes people will spend money on, they can implement raid tourneys with 75 gems cost to continue, they can implement alchemy lab with ridiculous gem costs. But they still can’t implement frequently requested easy features like wave counter in battle screen or bulk collecting heroes.

If you don’t have enough developers you can hire more of them especially if you’re such a wealth and recognised company like SGG.

Good luck? That’s the best i can come up with lol

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I’ve ran into Doppleganger before too, makes for fun fights at least since you can “test your defense team” out that way :slight_smile: You gain/lose 30 trophies

I’ve also ran into my own teammates on my alliance, but only when I was doing the season 1 outpost raids :stuck_out_tongue: It is very rare for this to happen though the more players there are playing the game.

Let’s ask the tough questions though. Like are you gonna get to use 12 flags instead of 6? Are all alliance members gonna be attacking for the same side? And Can you pick anyone on the battlefield to attack?

It’ll probably crash, if you fight yourself, since this battle counts as defeat and victory at the same time.

Database will destroy itself :wink:

At least everybody will have 6 victories and 6 defeats.

Gives a whole new twist on that “Stop hitting yourself” stuff.

(No but seriously, take screen shots of the battlefield and post them.)



You can fight yourself in raids? I never knew that! I hope it happens to me!


Oh I wish I could fight a war against my own alliance. Would honestly be the easiest war I’ve ever fought :laughing:

… at least, so long as their leader isn’t as conniving and calculating as I am… because if that’s the case… we’re screwed :woozy_face:


I’m confused too. How would this work for attacking?

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