[KNOWN ISSUE] War bug: suicide war

So he wasn’t able to actually fight it? Bummer.


So the war was won and got 1 point for winning instead of 5 for winning?

OH MY! Seriously @KiraSG?

Makes sense… 5 for the win. 1 for the loss on the other side.

Harvey said the result was a win and the awarded points were 1, not 5

My mistake. I misread.

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What?? You can raid your own team???


BTW, @Petri informed me that they’ve patched this issue.


Can anyone tell me why i have -13,000 gems when i bought my VIP dragon and it was just a random over the night situation.

Maybe they create dummy alliance played by the staffs.

Don’t question it, just go with it

Maybe they code in 4 pt font? :rofl:

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I still have the vip dragon tho. Im supposed to get 30 daily gems. And im -13000

I read through that thread and I see Petri even confirmed it but there’s been a few times the system told me “no opponents available at this time” and I’ve never seen doppelgänger lol


Oh -13k

Yea u better file a support thread
@zephyr1 can help with that

If you bought any gems from anyone but the game itself, you’re screwed

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No i bought it with my wife’s debit card. But the carf got cancelled without me knowing about it and i tried to charge some things to it from the game and it wouldn’t let me. Then i woke up one morning and went from having 2100 gems to -13000 and i still have the VIP dragon for 31 more days

Sure, here are the instructions for how to contact Support:

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No, when countdown before war showed “0” - next message appeared “Win by default”
War chest was 24/25 and became 0/25.



Really unfair result

20 not awarded points

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