[KNOWN ISSUE] War bug: suicide war

How could it heppen?


There could be two alliances with the same name an logo. Is it your case?

If it’s not a bug, this will be fascinating to see what happens. I’d totally go fight myself :rofl:

Win or lose … you get to fill your war chest!


this could be really interesting (if its not duplicate names) you could fight each others and check your team members defense team
also you are theoretically guaranteed for 6 points this war (5 for win, 1 for defeat)

also having the system message duplicate is unusual behavior
maybe one of the staff could help?

@Petri @KiraSG

This is my case. It is one alliance.


did u get 3 points for draw or 6?

At least it is an even match…


first photo is my, second i found in the network and dont know how many poits did the get

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If it’s not a bug … I imagine the system will give the full points for a win and the one point for a loss. With the two system message, it looks like it thinks it’s two separate alliances.

Just my guess :smile:

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Without a doubt… closest match we’ve seen :joy:


yeah thats what i think as well this is why i pointed out the 2 system messages

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Ah, of course. You were pointing out what happens in the event of a tie. Either way it looks like they’ll get 6 points this war?

i have searched for the alliance name (just typed LVIV) i only found one with the same name

now am really curious of what will happen


I’m cheering for LVIV :rofl:


Thanks for reporting, please submit a Support ticket through the affected accounts if you are experiencing this: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us


Looks like they forgot about one small if in the code :rofl::see_no_evil::nerd_face:


WOW amazing.

I think you have to let the war go and see what happens. What are you going to find in the battlefield. Is it going to be all members in both sides of the field? Could you battle against your allies? Sounds interesting.

You could get a win and a loss at the same time for 5+1=6 points. Or two ties for 3+3=6 points. And you are 24/25 so you’ll open the chest no matter what.

What’s more interesting is that the system says “The Alliance Wars start in 1d” twice! Like they got the message twice because of both teams being the same alliance.

I would beat the crap out of my deff for 6 times:rofl:

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Hey! This is the best thing ever! Unless it’s a draw, you’ll definitely get 7 points! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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