[KNOWN ISSUE] Vollermork worm not appearing on all heros

Was testing out Vollermork via our Team Battle feature, when Vollermork went off, he did not hit all heros.
Please see attached pic.

This pic was taken immediately after Vollermork fired.


Actually, he shouldn’t be hitting enemies. All he does is give fiends to all enemies on the opposing side, which saps their HP and any healing. Still not maxed yet but already on his final tier of ascension, I have tried my Volermork on the map stages and his fiends are all working fine, able to attach to all living enemies on the board. But your screenshot above is disturbing. He should have provided fiends to Colen and that new purple Villains legendary.


Thanks for correcting me, ive used Vol in raids, map stages and Tournament (so awesome in Rush), and this problem has not happened, so quite possibly be a Team Battle issue.

I fully agree. Used him earlier and he is fascinating.

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Thanks for your post. Our QA team was able to confirm this is a bug. I hope to post more soon once I have an eta for a fix. Thanks again for your post.


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