[KNOWN ISSUE] Visual bugs, Alby pixel pic not always loaded (added videos)

This is only visual bugs, but make me annoying every trying to level, etc.
I’m using iOS,… Version 24.1.0 BUILD 645 (so today is latest).

This behaviour, normaly only happens once after updates.
But this happen always after re-open the app.

this is the screenshot:

After I close this card, and open again, then normal, like this:

OK, after that I close the apps, and re-open and it happen again, and it happen only Alby not others.
This is so annoying.


Whis will repeat forever after re-open the game.


I don’t have Alby but this bug happens with many other heroes too. A few of my 3* hero cards are blurry at first when I select them. It takes a few seconds to load the image.

Needs fixing.

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Even in the past every card has had the potential to do this, especially right after booting up the game or if you tap to view a hero after scrolling through your collection really swiftly. It’s clearly just a loading issue. But yes, I also have Alby and ever since the latest update or possibly the one before that he opens up blurry every time you go to view him for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you wait for a while in the heroes menu and open up other heroes around him first. This was happening to me on iOS12 (iPhone Xs) and continues after updating to iOS13 a day or two ago.

Edit: Also, with other cards if they open up blurry, you just need to wait a second or two and they’ll load in the proper asset. Alby stays blurry. You must close the card and open him up again to get the proper image.

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Edit1: Ok forget what I first posted. Can confirmed it. My Albericht stays blurred. Others don’t.

Android (Samsung s10). Game version 24.1.0 build 1145

Whenever I close the game and restart it my Albericht is blurred the first time opening his card. I need to close his card and reopen to see his image. No problem with other heroes

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Thank you for reporting! We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating it here.


Yes l, I’ve been noticing this particularly with alby. He’s always blurry.

Version 25.0.1 fix this issue for me, no longer has visual bugs. Solved.
Thank you @KiraSG :slightly_smiling_face:

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