[KNOWN ISSUE] Visual bug with Revive talent [MASTER] - Affects non-Fighters / Fighters remain Invisible

I just had this happen in a raid. Magni was visible, so I thought just wait for him to revive, and level up mana - but he stayed in his ghost like form.

Turns out, it was Bold Tusk in the left wing that was invisible. What the fudge?

Edit: I’m heartened by the fact, I’m not the only one who has experienced this, but disappointed it’s still an issue :frowning_face:.

Lost because of this bug.

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Visual bug still happening, yesterday in a raid. Thankfully my heros could see Delilah.

I haven’t seen this happening in wars, is it just when raiding?

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Boldtusk revive ability has bug. He was invincible.

I Killed Boldtusk and Danzaburo, Boldtusk revived and became invisible and Danzaburo stayed on the screen in ghost mode even though he was dead.

Several enemies with low hp have sharing damage. Sigle strike kills all of them. One of them was fighter (Boldtusk) and he reviewed. In this case game visualisated not a varrior but the most lelf linked hero. But its a ghost and you must hit empty space where fighter was to complete a battle.
version 25.1.1 ios

Who is the warrior who were revived? And whose image appear as ghost?

It is just a visual bug, happened to me in the tournament also (did not recorded or made a screenshot, unfortunately).
Boldtusk revived as he should (he is fighter class), but alongside him also Sonya and Melandor. Very next move, I killed Bold only and won, Sonya and Mel were still in the ghost form.

Is a known issue:

There were 2 cases. Warrior was boldtusk in both. Left heroes were Ghao and Gaedmon

I’ve experienced the same bug, but from a different side. My BT revived along with his Willbur friend. They had shared damage and wanted to die together, but eventually I lost the fight with Willbur still alive :thinking: I have a video, but can’t post it here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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One of my fellow countrymen (a countrywoman, actually) has reported the same bug here as well, although it has not gained any attention, her posts not being in English. Anyway, she’s posted a video, too.

I wonder why it has not been fixed yet :smile:

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thought it should be reported where the glitch can be fixed

Has been recognised as a known bug.

As yet no fix in place.

Flagged for merge.

After 2nd revive, Boldtusk completely invisible.

They didn’t stay in ghost mode they came back on him and killed our co leader team

Poseidon (not Triton) can revive, after in ghost mode until the turn end, he will come back with 1 HP. The bug here is Frida who also got revived, just like the previous posts.

Update - should be fixed in V26 release.

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong character appeared revived after characters were killed by Soul Connection damage and had the resist death talent activated.
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Yesterday I had it in MY team as well. Boldie revived, but Wilbur was shown with 0 HP left, lol. I hope this is fixed, too.

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