[KNOWN ISSUE] Visual bug with Revive talent [MASTER] - Affects non-Fighters / Fighters remain Invisible

I just fought a team in War when this happened. Anzogh’s special killed all 3 enemy heroes and Hu Tao revived with the Fighter class special. However, all 3 showed up in Ghost mode. The fight ended when I finished Hu Tao on the next turn, telling me the other 2 only looked like they were in Ghost mode despite being dead.


Had this today!

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This was the team no fighter class though!


Merge @littleKAF @DaveCozy

Enemy hero becomes invisible if revived from death by counter attack

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I saw this one but we’re seeing a different issue here. In mine, one hero revived in Ghost mode and it showed all 3 as Ghosts. In Dudeious’ case, Boril showed as revived in Ghost mode despite not being able to Revive.

I think this is the reverse of that one

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I ain’t sure ?? it’s getting all a bit spooky to many ghosts! I know Halloween is coming up :woman_shrugging::thinking:

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@Dudeious.Maximus I’m going to leave separate. The title of that thread is not the same as this (there is no counterattack here). Rather, there may be some in that thread that should be here. It’s likely they are related, but I’m going to leave as is. Thank you though.


Afraid i too have had trouble with it. died because he revived when he shouldn’t us. Lol.

Also I don’t think it’s ghost mode like amennoa as the little :ghost: Hasn’t shown up?

Ameonna’s is a special extended version of this. I call it Ghost mode because they can’t be hit or gain mana. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be called

It’s part of the revival process which doesn’t finish until your turn ends. So they’re not actually back in the game yet but it’s an indication that they will be so you can plan your next move around them being back.

The mechanism does seem to have become a bit buggy of late.

Yeah. The bug is heroes being shown in that ghost mode without actually being ghosts

There was an invisible Misandra in the corner, but Kage found her

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I’ve noticed since the last update that if an enemy hero dies from attacking a hero of mine that has a counterattack active and is then revived by his talent he becomes invisible until next turn and you actually don’t know he is still allive.

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Are you able to provide a screenshot please? It will help us to try and explain the cause, etc

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this behavior, as well. Here it is described in words:

I activate counterattack on Cyprian.
I match tiles to end my turn.
A talented Sumitomo on the defense hits Cyprian and dies.
Sumitomo’s revive talent triggers, but he remains a ghost.
I match tiles to end my next turn.
Sumitomo completes reviving.

I don’t recall if this is true for both special damage and slash damage, or only the latter.

I saw something like this today: Defending BT was killed by DoT, and just vanished. I saw no indication that he was going to revive, but when I had finished my turn, he did.

I hope this is related, but I had no counter attack: I didn’t pay attention to my raid, but somehow Delilah revived and was invisible over some turns. Could target her, too and she dealt slash attacks…
I cannot see when she died, but Gravy was the last one standing in the end, would be funnier if she had been it…
I’ll upload the vid in a few minutes…strange.

Please ignore the sound, I didn’t know it records the mic as well oO my daughter was watching Team Umizoomi :rofl::see_no_evil:

That was the team

One thing is really strange in my video, but as I said, I didn’t pay attention what happened to her: when she would have been revived, she should have only 1 HP. The green tiles should have killed her, but afterwards there comes this slash attack from the right corner oO

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Encountered this too

I have seen this but only where they turn into a ghost not totally invisible. I mean beyond their normal dead, enemy fires they revive, then they reappear. They have stayed invisible for rest of match and can be attacked and attack back until really gone.

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