[KNOWN ISSUE] Visual bug with Mother North in Revive ability during Bloody Battle tournament

This might not be a bug specific to beta but it occurred during the Bloody Battle in beta. Mother North appeared to have revived two fallen heroes. However tiles ghosted right through those heroes so this is only some kind of visual bug and those heroes did remain dead. I recorded the raid tourney but the recording was corrupted.

Possibly linked to the previous Revive bug? Should hopefully be fixed in V25.

Similar to this one MadMarv?

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Similar but not enough that I would lump it in as the same bug. The dead hero does not appear in ghost mode, they simply appear as normal but with 0 health in their bar. The tiles went right through them, which admittedly is what happens when a hero is in ghost mode, but I don’t think that is the case here. It looks like a separate visual display bug related to the tournament rules interacting with MoNo’s revival SS.

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Just had this exact bug in tournament, v25 installed. Started recording from that point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n7tV8xR5oo

Confirmed, that’s what happened in my case too.

Just had this happen in the bloody battle too.

Same here running V25.
Albian fired and “revived” Seshat (she did not attack or take damage):

Even stayed after “Victory” message:


I was worried it would affect the outcome but it didnt. Revived heroes are only allowed to spectate so I’m cool with it.

Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here. I have now marked this topic as a known issue.


This happened at my last battle today. I started recording immediately. Mother North resurrects Margaret who remains on battlefield after the battle ends. So, it’s just a visual bug. @Petri, I post the video to see exactly what is all about.

I got screwed today in one of my raids in the tournament. I killed Aegir and MN brought him back, but was a ghost. All the tiles I tried to kill him with ghosted right through him. :man_facepalming:t4:. I didn’t lose because of it, but it definitely didn’t help.

Here as well but only visual glitch…the health/mana bars stay at 0.

Also I was not attacked by resurrected heroes…

It just happened with me MN revive khoina in RT @Petri :cry:

The question is, if this is intended. Some players create statistics how often and how many heroes are resurrected. Maybe this is just for statistic reasons?
I had no disadvantage so I don’t really care about it…

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