[KNOWN ISSUE] Visual Bug Atlantis Story Dialogue – Poseidon and Ariel are Blurry / Foggy / Fuzzy / Out of Focus


Nice, crisp, clean images during cut scenes

[KNOWN ISSUE] Fuzzy intro picture Grimmforest (Appears to be the same issue as with Atlantis previously)
First slide of Atlantis cut scenes foggy

Mine was also blurry at the first Poseidon picture, but is already clear on Ariel picture and the next Poseidon picture.

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For me many of the images for the whole of season 2 story have been blurry like this, then the rest are crisp and clear. It’s usually a 50/50 split. It happens so often I thought it was intentional

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Same here

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Usually first image on start of story dialogue ( and only first one, every next is alright) and same goes for start and end of province. And it’s obviously bug

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I understood why the poisoned characters were showing up foggy in their cutscenes. I suppose Poseidon was supposed to be reeling from my hit against him in Province 18/10 when I started 19/1? But why is the piratey woman (whose name I have forgotten Mis…) foggy at the beginning of 21/1? I thought her poison was cured a long time ago, and I had just whomped Triton, not her…

Or is this a bug that I should be reporting?


You mean foggy like this?


Duplicate thread @zephyr1

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Exactly. 20 characters would be very convenient to making the forum accept this answer.


I guess this can be closed/merged as desired.

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Merged, thanks for reporting it! :heart_decoration:


Also had graphics like shown above. I thought they should be that blurry.


Also seeing this behavior. What info would be helpful for the devs in trying to track it down?


Moderator’s Note

I’ve heard back from staff that this is a known issue, and is expected to be fixed in V20 (the next update).

Thanks for reporting it!

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