KNOWN ISSUE: Video ads (Mystic Vision) don't work (Main Topic: Crashes / Unavailable)


Unfortunately this happens now and then. Don’t know if devs seriousely working on that. For me it works to go out of game, stop it and go in again. Then the Mystic Vision works perfect again…for a few weeks.
If this not works, best contact Support :slight_smile:


Hi, I have a bug with mystic vision too since yesterday…pls fix it


I’ll definitely try that next time. It was out for two days. I just got it back last night without doing anything but just playing the video as usual. Don’t know what the problem was but it corrected itself. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I have the same problem…mystic vision isn’t working…


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@Striker, pls never share account Infos at Forum (refer to Forum rules).

@Rook my dear. Can you delete the account data please?



Hi, it’s been two days now that I can’t play my mystic vision. Pls fix this problem.


My mystic vide dont work
I tray for 7 hours to wacth video


What error is this?


Well, it helps if YOU restart your app. Just lost MV with tabard, rings, 30 gems and 5 Epic hero coins. I’m sure!


Same issue here, tried the following:

Shut down and open up game several times.
Rebooting device and shut down/turn on (not sure if it makes a difference but tried both).
Reinstalling the game.
Installing the game on a new device (tablet).
I’m pretty sure it got nothing to do with my location as the person next to me can see his mystic visions.

Feels unfair to miss out on these rewards, especially when it seems completly random who get to watch the ads. I don’t have alot of money to spend on the game, so those gems and tokens really helps.

Please make a workaround for this so the people that get the error and cant watch the add, get the rewards some other way.


same issue here too
if there is any solution please advise


THE vicion mistic in my account is not



When that happens to me, I find that restarting the E&P app fixes it most of the time. The one time that an app restart didn’t work I rebooted my phone and that cleared it up.


Why is mistic vision not working today. Screenshot_2019-01-08-21-20-42


Mine is. Close the app entirely and reboot.


Mine did too, but no emblems


Hi @Petri my mystic vision is desable since 4 ou 5 days. Can you tell me how i can fix it ?


for Android devices; go to settings (device settings, not in game), apps, Empires, storage, then clear cache. Reboot the game fully and it should be ok.


Thank but do’n’t work. MV is out too