KNOWN ISSUE: Video ads (Mystic Vision) don't work (Main Topic: Crashes / Unavailable)

My video doesnt work


I assume you are talking about the Mystic Vision ads that you watch for loot?

Unfortunately, this happens every now and then. You can try shutting down and reopening the app, but if this doesn’t work then just try a bit later.

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Hi Carlos,

As Coppersky mentioned, this is unfortunately a known issue that some players are experiencing. Please note that there might be limited availability of the ads based on your location. In some cases the issue is temporary, so if you’ve just encountered it, please try again a bit later.

You can try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest operating system version and the latest game version on your device
  2. Free up your device memory by closing apps running in the background
  3. Increase your storage memory by deleting files/apps from your device you no longer need
  4. Restart your device

If none of the above work, you can try deleting and reinstalling the game. Before you do that, make sure you have saved you progress by connecting to Google Play (Android) or Game Center (Apple iOS).


Dear Sir or Madam, recently I’m confronted with a bug. Since the update to version 1.6 took place, i don’t receive anything after watching the vision/ commercial. I’m looking forward for your help. My account number is #J7885

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Hello, why I’m not can see video, for 2 days?
#9RLX3 - login

@Hexe97 & @Rym4uk86rus,
I have moved your posts to a thread related to your topic. Please scroll up to get some advice on your issue!

Video doesn’t work.


Scroll up four posts to Petri’s list of things to try to fix your problem.

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Play vidéo add don’t work

Happened to me the other day; nothing but a full restart of the phone fixed it.

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I moved your post into a thread that already discusses this topic. Scroll up to see suggested fixes!

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Hello. The third day does not open the “Secret Vision.” Writes “a secret vision is not available, try again later.” iphone 6+ account # 3H1A2

Have you rebooted your device?

I have moved your post into a thread that already discusses this topic. Scroll up to see suggested fixes!

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Yes. Does not help. …

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two weeks does not work a secret vision. more precisely it works then does not work

Please read back to see possible fixes. Please post below if you have tried those fixes and are still having a problem. Thank you.

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Another possible fix. If you have developer options on your phone enabled, make sure “Don’t keep activities” is switched to off, or mystic vision won’t work.


Again does not work!

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Just got (and reported) the same issue today :frowning: