[KNOWN ISSUE] Valor frame bug, can't change avatar

Known issue.


I am having this issue as well in Washington state, United States

It’s global.
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Will this effect the new items I bought? Also it says closed and will be deleted in 5 days. The issue isn’t fixed yet so why would it be closed?

Yes. Sounds like that was the problem

So any news on when this is going to be fixed? I’m not spending any money until it is.


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This issue will be fixed in the next update (Version 40). Thank you for your patience!


Thanks for responding so quickly!


Can’t change my pin either… Been 3 days now

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Sorry @Petri it’s still happening… My alliance mates were wanting an update on this issue as they are tired of their current avatar :thinking:.
Thanks in advance

Nvm, just scrolled up… Thanks :innocent:

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When is version 40 release


I also cant change my Avatar … already reset still cant change always reseting when I change my avatar

See here

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We have last round of Beta testing of version 40 now, which will end in a few days.
So I suppose the release will happen maybe next week, but that is just my guess.

Still the same problem.
Avatar broken change

Anyone else experiencing an unexpected error when changing an avatar, background or pin? I haven’t been able to switch these in 2 weeks.

it’s a known issue, read here. will be fixed in the next update


I get an unexpected error when trying to change avatars and pins.

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i am also getting the same, just tried with both Mythic avatar (new) or another and i get the same message.

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Do you suppose we will be compensated in some form? Will SG make this right? Either ability to purchase The $30 vip to get avatars to work or maybe just given to us. Don’t think it is acceptable that haven’t been able to access parts of the game for weeks that I have spent $ on.

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