[KNOWN ISSUE - v18/19] Sound effects playing even when disabled on Android

I have sounds effect and music off, but with the recent updates (starting with the emblem release) I am hearing sounds for about 1/2 a second each time I enter a raid or map battle. I already verified that the sound effects is disabled (I re-enabled and disabled them).

I am using andriod and have game version build 1802 build 885

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To clarify my “like”, this is happening to me too. Also Android, Version 18.0.2 Build 885. I just submitted a Bug Report, and linked to this thread.

In the past 24 hours it seems that when I begin battles I get a short clip of sound that lasts about one second then stops. I have sound disabled in the options.

Using an Android device. Anything else you need?

Did a basic search in the forums & didn’t see anything like this.

I have played the game since day 1 with zero game sounds on, after a relatively recent update (I don’t remember which) the game makes sounds when entering and leaving different actions. Titans, raids, and map. It only lasts a moment and goes away but it shouldn’t start in the first place. I play on Android and always keep my phone on vibrate and sounds off.

How creepy and annoying all rolled into one. As long as no one is trying to contact you from “beyond” I think you are in the right place. Good luck with this issue.

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@Petri @mhalttu You may want to take a look at this thread, it seems like a few people have had very similar issues with sound playing briefly during the start of battles specifically on Android devices, likely starting with Version 18. I merged a few bug reports together.

I’m not sure if this is related to [KNOWN ISSUE] Version 18 Sound Issues (Please report any here!) or the building upgrade sound fixes from 18.0.1, or just something new. Feel free to merge elsewhere if applicable, thanks!

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Thanks for the reports, we’l investigate this!

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