[KNOWN ISSUE - v17] Flags Zeroed Immediately after War Ended

The flags in the battlefield all zeroed immediately after the end of the war. This is new with this last update. We have a flag play rule and it will make it very difficult to enforce the rule if we can’t get a flag count at the end of war.


I second that. i usually count the remaining flags for the statistics and I was surprised to see they were gone. It was working just fine before the update…


Agree! Our alliance is as well making statistics after each battle so we can track our performance but now we have to count remaining attacks from feed. Why change things that work well?


Do you mean here?

(We couldn’t tell because the opponent used all flags, so for us the number was zero…)

Not there @Rook, after the war ends that counter always drops down to 0 - in previous wars you could get into battlefield and count all unused attacks since they were there next to each player, from today’s war all counters on battlefield were 0 (and we had around 30 unused attacks)


So you mean the battlefield itself. Well both, technically.

Correcto :+1:


I am agreeing with this. Individual flag numbers remaining on the battlefield after the war is over is critical for us. We make demotion and removal decisions based on who is using all their war flags. We are way past the point of having to manually go through that hit list.


I agree. I want to praise our alliance for absolutely putting forth an excellent team effort, but war ended at 5am so unless I was watching and clicking at the very last second, I would miss it. I feel like our team only had 10 or so flags left but…??

Thankfully I was on at the end of war so I was able to see everyone’s flag count but I hope they fix this issue as I don’t want to go back to counting everyone’s hits.

Yup, this might seem like a small thing, but the flag counter was huge help. I didn’t have to update google sheet anymore, phew.
Hope to get this fixed before next AW…

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For us, we have a minimum flag play rule for staying in the alliance. If the battlefield flags are zeroed, we cannot count who failed to play their flags. I happened to be on about 30 min prior to battle end so I knew who had failed to play.

But immediately at war end. , all flags were zeroed and flag count could not be established. The attack history will only go back so far and cannot be a reliable way to count flags. Previously, the ending flag count stayed on the battlefield.


That’s true on titans, not AW. AW history shows all of them.
(or did they change that too, haven’t noticed…)

War history is full, but it is still more convenient to have remaining attacks showed even the War has ended…

Please, I beg you to fix this… it was working fine before.
BR , ZlobrikZ


I agree, it’s really hard now to point out to certain players that they missed using all their flags.

Please reinstate this item.

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I also agree, please bring those back! Much harder to keep track things this way.


Agreed with everyone. Please bring the individual player’s unused war flags counter back so we can keep track. It was good before the lastest update.


‘Till something new we can check before war ending. Personally, I check it during the war so I know exactly who, how many flags have left, I have an account in another alliance and there we tough we win, but in the last half an hour the enemy was with 30 points over us so I called the missing person with 5 flags left… we won in the last 4 minutes… the point is to pay attention 5 minutes before war ending.

Second war now with this not working. Please, please restore it to the original functionality.

Some of us can’t be on our phones like that. Work and life get in the way. For those of us that track stats, having the numbers back beside each player is the easiest for tracking. Can’t tell you how many times I had to recount and recount the list because I missed one or my eyes went cross or I forgot what number I was on.

I’m with the rest, please bring back the flag numbers after the war has ended.