[KNOWN ISSUE - v16] Confirmation / refusal to participate in the war are missing (when player has not completed the war tutorial)


I have the same issue. Support has been of no help. I have never seen a war tutorial. Screen always says the war is starting soon.



how long will we be disadvantage like this !!! its very bad…


When is update 17 planned?


ok it s now good for me since today (11/9/18)
thank you


I am unable to get out of spectator mode. I’m getting in trouble in my alliance and they are threatening to kick me out. Please help!


and nooooo ! it was an other bug that give me the war access LOL and now you fixed the second bug so i have no more access to this f*ckin’ war… you have to do something or we will leave the game ! it s not equitable !!!
some players can play the war and us ???


Still happening, still a problem


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