[KNOWN ISSUE - v16] Confirmation / refusal to participate in the war are missing (when player has not completed the war tutorial)

Why is this possible? The level of players is above level 12.

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Because wars are paused now

no, if it were as you say, then it would be for all players, but only some people have it.

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Our alliance also has players with this situation. One of them only joined after the last war, and one other is a rather new player, but still over lvl 12. It was theorised by more experienced players, that the participation checkbox disappears if certain number of missed wars is met.
I don’t believe, that it’s the intention of developers that if few wars are missed, no war participation can ever happen again?
Please confirm, since many of our affected members are eagerly waiting for chance to participate.

So does anybody know if the solution to solve the problem is available or not? I’ve got exactly the same issue :frowning:

this is another case

At the moment, technical support no comment it, let’s hope they resolve the issue

I also have the same issue. No check box to confirm participation.

Hi there!

Quick question: Have you all updated your game to version 16.0.0?

If so, what do you see on this screen? (Alliance > Wars):

@Rook this ia from one of our players, up to date version 16.0.2

Personally i see the same that you posted.

I have gone as far as to delete the game, clean, reboot and reinstall and I have this issue. :-/

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Hi, thank you for the reports. The individual war opt-out is only available if the player has completed the war tutorial. We will clarify this in version 17. Apologies for any confusion caused by this!

(Edited to better reflect the sitution)


Based on what I heard from alliance member, helpdesk was less than helpful. We have at least one player in following situation: lvl 20, joined just before update but after last war, and this is his first alliance ever. Before update had checkbox, and it was checked. After update no checkbox to be found. Match up starts soon, and helpdesk just goes on about already being in spectator mode… @mhalttu if someone could please confirm the missing checkbox one way or another.

I have the same problem. I don´t have in / out inbox wars

At this point my advise is for everyone with this problem to report it. Maybe we can get the helpdesk to wake up…

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@petri, does this mean people are not able to join the wars till the version 17 update?

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