[KNOWN ISSUE - v1.11] Daily summon timer is missing from the Summon view

I took this screenshot in the morning.


11 minutes later I used the free summon. The timer then started counting down from 22h 59m.
After that I updated the game. 5 hours later it shows like this:


The timer is gone.

It might (or might not) have something to do with this (after I press Daily Summon):


As the above screenshot shows, I’m collecting the daily tokens from loot, chests, etc. to use them later.

It worked fine before the update.

Same problem. After update I do not see timer on daily summon.

Same problem here

20 char min, stupidness

I have the same problem.

Plese fix it.

For me it isn’t there either, but it is under the summon gate and if I go into the daily summon (I don’t have tokens saved).

I have the same problem summon gate timer gone after update, no worries folks the developers will get if fixed and hopefully throw a token or some gems at us to help make it right. I am sure those of us with bio are losing two draws every 24 Hrs.

Sorry vip not bio…autocorrect.

I’m having the same issue as well.

Greetings. I’m Having The Same Problem. I Thought It Might Have To Do With The Fact That I’ve Been Hoarding Tokens. (80 Tokens So Far.) But Now I’m Not Sure.

Mine is also gone, I’m assuming it means I’m losing the extra one from my vip also. Used the 5 i had saved up to see if it would start again. It didn’t :persevere:

You not losing anything, you just don’t know when the free one will be.

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I’m having the same issue as well

I have the sameproblem. To make it worse i paid for the vip pkg so I’m losi
Ng out on 2 free summons…that i PAID FOR!!!

My Summon Has Returned!!! Thank You Much!!! Hoping It Will Be There Tomorrow! LOL

Thanks Again!!! :sunglasses:

No one has lost anything the timer still exists on other screens. If you’re hoarding tokens then the timer is probably just hidden. Like Checker said, you just won’t know when the free one comes.

Since @HamHamHam found it appropriate to be unhelpful, probably I need to show that the timer is not on the castle page either:


It it not anywhere to be found.

@Petri, or @Sara or anyone else from SG: is this bug report not clear enough?

Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here and hope to get the timer for the Daily Summons back on the Summon view soon! Please note that this should be only a visual bug and it shouldn’t affect your Daily Summons. You can still see the timer on the Daily Summon, but only if you don’t have any Summon Tokens in your inventory (as the number of tokens are displayed there instead of the timer).


Last update got me the same issue.
No problem in previous version.

Edit: used all my silver coins and closed the game, but still no timer.

My timer is also missing.

217 summons? Epics heros and troops? Wow