[KNOWN ISSUE] Uraeus is healed when allies minions die by Halloween bombs

Came across this yesterday but have only just been allowed to create a new topic.

Using Uraeus in Halloween event kept noticing multiple +50’s showing up on minion death.

The health restored seems to work out OK, minion health off the dmg plus the 50 heal seems to be correct but the multiple 50’s is confusing

HP before: 1324
Dmg Rcvd: 197
Heal 50
HP at end: 1253
Minion HP: 76.

Screenshots attached




I’ve also noticed this and think it is counting all minions he summons for other heroes as being owned by him so he heals every time any of them is destroyed.

i counted 50 x 5 i think on that pic, its hard during a video even in slow motion, there were only 3 he summoned so still not sure where the 5 x 50 comes from, only 4 minions in total including gullins little thorn thing

Thank you for reporting this! Seems the halloween bombs are causing this issue.


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