[KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to inspect enemy Heroes in Tower of Magic battles (Version 44)

I was doing level 16 on impossible and during boss around in the middle of battle. I tried to look at how much life they had left etc etc by clicking on each boss and it refused to show me I could click on all the stuff on the left side of the bosses but it refused to show much how much life buffs etc etc was in each hero. I had to kill one twice and it’s life bar was gone but it didn’t die. anyone else having this problem?


It just did it again on 17 it won’t let me see how much life is left on each boss. What in the world is going on

Can you send some screen shots of this and I’ll pass it on to staff.
Edit - Ah my bad you click on the bosses and can’t see any information about them.


It just did it again.


Here it’s like too much locks, you can’t turn stones quickly, you click on the hero to fire the special and it doesn’t fire, the hero takes the click but doesn’t fire.


what do you mean? Normally you can click the hero & hold to see the life left

I have the same issue. I tried to check how much HP was left on the final bosses and nothing popped up. I’m unable to see how much HP they have remaining, how long their status ailments/buffs last - nothing pops up at all. This is very very annoying.


@diehardTitan @maliciousbuthot Could you submit a new support request and if possible, add the time and date when this happened? We would need these details in order to investigate this further. Thanks! :slight_smile:


We will investigate this issue here, I’ll update the topic once we know more. Thank you for the reports!


I am not sure if this happen because of my phone or not but I can’t see (tap and hold) boss status in the battle in impossible floor since floor 15 (maybe earlier). I don’t know why maybe it is too lag or battle take too long time.

I think it is the same issue as this one:

If yes, then Staff is aware of it.


I made this post a soon as it happened. I’m not sure the time or date. It’s been still happening and started on stages 15 and continued on.Having to replay it and curses on hero’s. I’m gonna try to do level 41 again but it hasn’t stopped. It’s only on the boss stages

Same here. Annoying as hell. Lost my first battle, because I could not check how many DOT turns are left. And miscalculated throwing axes.

Confirmed I am also having this issue

20 frustrated characters to say same here

I also had this issue.

Also had this issue, but only became aware completing impossible floors 16-25 on Dec 12, which I started around 10pm EDT

Also I finish in 3342 place and the loot it game me was just this. I just collected it Shoildnt there be more emblems other than just for fighter ?

So you looked into it? Coz you did nuthin’ about it :slight_smile:

This issue will be fixed in the next update (Version 45). I’ll mark this topic as a known issue.