[KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to Connect to Facebook (Nov 2023)

Facebook login failure, solution?

Try to contact in-game support about this issue.

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same messege upon entering the game

I have the same issue since 4 hours ago. Still unable to connect to FB. Cannot watch Mystic Vision too.

I am having the same problem, seems like it is widespread

I have too the same issue :frowning:

I also have this problem.

Same problem here… :roll_eyes:

@PlayForFun looks like it’s common. Problems with vid and portal

Netherlands Android

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@Dudeious.Maximus has already put this to mod chat

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Hi all,

We are aware that some players are experiencing issues with connecting their game accounts to Facebook.

We are currently investigating this here and will try to get it resolved as soon as we can.

Please note that your game progress is not saved via your Facebook connection. The only way to save, recover and sync your progress is by signing in to Game Center (on iOS) or Google Play (on Android). When you start playing with your new device, your old account will be automatically restored as long as you’re signed in.

I’ll mark this topic as a known issue.



Im having the same error. Any solution?

Checking in with Facebook login problems

Till now, I am still not able to log into FB. Wonder what tha problem is.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a Facebook issue rather than an SG thing.

Facebook has also encountered an issue in their last update with in-app use of their back button. I wouldn’t be shocked if they screwed up 3rd-party connection as well. It’s not like Facebook’s immune to breaking their own software.

I tried to log into FB from the E&P game app just now.

It led me to FB log in screen.

After logging in, I got the above FB error message.

Can the app developers look into this and help us resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Same error… and since last update my game will freeze inumerous times,

I updated game and was not able to log in. Was connected to Facebook and I thought Google Play, but apparently not. Haven’t heard back from support. Is my account gone? Was doing well in hero league and raid tournament :confused:
Can you request refunds if you lose access to content you paid for?

It has been 10 days since acknowledging this issue and no update or eta if there will be a fix? I have heard from several other people not on this forum who also lost access to the game after updating bc they logged in thru Facebook ages ago and never had an issue updating or playing on same device (in the game it only says to sign in to Google Play to save game across devices, it does not say to sign in to save game on same device.)

With Facebook connection down and the fact that SG is aware of it, maybe should send out a note with that message about Version 62 Release for people to make sure they are connected to Google Play/Game Center to prevent this from happening to more players. A lot of people are losing their accounts.

Thank you.

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I am still getting this error.

Nothing is been done by the game developers to fox this?

Maybe it is time the game developers STOP developing so many new heros and start to turn your attention to fix all the bugs in the game.

Thank you.

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