[KNOWN ISSUE] Turn delay on a blessing stack gain (Tower Of Magic)

I’m at stage 21 impossible and this could be the first time I can finish it. But last stage took me like 10 minutes because of the delay. So I won’t be spending to try. Hell, did they even test this thing?! Disappointed.

Thank you for info and also for work you do on this game!

However, I really hope there will be some compensation for players affected by this issue. Not only the longer time because of animation tanks the score, but people hit by bug had to expend more time to complete the same event. I finished the whole thing and it was a mess not only because of this bug, but also because of not being able to see enemy HP and stats. Completing the whole thing requires the gems - premium resource, so I expect premium support. :gem:

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Good luck. I’d bet against it based on what compensation we’ve received in the past.

Hope affected players do receive some compensation, though I doubt that will happen.

Cos I have experienced this delayed gaming response in other monthly events before, a few updates back. There are a few threads on this. I thought I was alone and that my phone was wonky till others started sharing.

This seems to happen with each update. It is unfortunate if timing is inconvenient.

Anyway, since this delayed gaming response seems to be a regular feature with each update, I have lost a fair bit of enthusiasm for events since I am at a disadvantage no matter how wonderful the board is, no matter how hard I try to lob items, no matter how fast my team can activate.

But those were “free” events, not pay to complete.

If they didn’t even bother with “free” events, I doubt that they will bother to compensate players for “premium” events unless enough affected players from the vaunted top tier start another “no-spend” movement to demand better service standards. That may work, like the last one. Hopefully everyone in the player base benefits, not just 3100 players.

I don’t think so either. But why not give it a shot?

I noticed there are lags for other events as well, but I thought these were same for everyone, thus while annoying, at least they kept field even. Like lag when bosses die during Slayers/Starfall/Villains etc. Now I am not so sure though. :thinking:

Anyhow at least during those you lose a few seconds per stage, not a minute. For each stage. Of which there are 75. That’s 75 min of my life I am not going to get back.

Anyhow I ended in top 1k, even with all disadvantages. Which is telling since because of these bugs not many players were willing to buy flasks to punish themselves with playing MoT. Clearly much saner fellows than me.

Do you have any updates on your investigation? I’m assuming the current issues with the Mythic Titan are related to the horrible lag on the tower of magic. It is disappointing that we haven’t received an update on the tower of magic issues yet.


This issue will be fixed in the next update (Version 45).


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