[KNOWN ISSUE] Turn delay on a blessing stack gain (Tower Of Magic)

There is a 1-2 second delay on a turn that your team gets a defense or attack stack buff if you have picked the specific rare blessing. When the maximum amount of stacks (10) has been gained, the delay is gone. I was wondering if this is intentional as I think its not fair for the players to get punished on their scores (because this delay is significant - you lose around 20 seconds in total) for picking this blessing without having a clue about the delay beforehand. You can’t change the blessings you take after all.

I also think that this delay was not in the game during the previous events, though someone with better memory is welcome to confirm this.

You can find video proof of this here: Tower of magic turn delay on stack blessing - YouTube


I don’t really care about it being unfair, it’s just really, really annoying. It’s a completely unnecessary animation that breaks players groove while they’re hitting. It sucks. Get rid of it.


Good to know I wasn’t the only one getting annoyed with the lag.


I agree this is really annoying


Sadly not the only problem with time delay although I have seen the same with those stacks.

Also all the mana effects need endless time.
50% mana for Boss wave? Wait a few seconds.
Gain mana each ally cast special? Wait each time, using 5 heroes in a chain each charging the next needs a lot of time.


Normally I do the tower because it makes fun, but the delay is so horrible that I will save the flasks until they fixed it. Wasting around one minute time because of this every stage.


So. Very. Laggy. “Tap tap tap tap tap” … when will the special launch? Makes playing on top of the line phone feel like the decade old tablet I use for alt account :rofl:


I chose the +5% attack up stack every turn buff and there is a very long 3-4 second delay after every single turn when the buff happens. I cant make any moves until that long buff animation is done. It is incredibly annoying and adds another 30-40 seconds to your score because it takes so long. I really hope they shorten this animation because it ruins your score if you’re trying to compete.


I second this. It is incredibly annoying and does not serve any purpose.

If this is not a bug, but intended behaviour to punish players by worsening their time, I suggest let’s just add 30 seconds to timer by default, so players chosing stackable “blessing” receive 3-second penalty every turn and animations is not played. That would help players who don’t care about rewards, but still want to play the game.


Perhaps the blessing is so strong, the developers intended for the delay to balance things?

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pleeeeeeaassssee. do something about it


I also think it’s really annoying.

After you make a move and all your tiles attacks finish, all your tiles become a bit shady (and you can’t make a move). When all the blessings end, your tiles become brighter again (and you can move again). That transition between your last blessing and your tiles becoming brighter takes about a second. Add that second for every move you make and bless you receive (specially for 10x stacks) and you end up with a big time loss.

I can’t understand why these delays where introduced. If i recall correctly, last ninja tower and magic tower did not have these delays.


and then there are players who don’t care about that… they just want to reach chest after floor 25 ;p


I confirm that it’s a massive bug.
The worst part is that it affects the final result.
Players with v44 gain unfair disadvantage… (


it’s ■■■■■■■ frustating


This is so annoying! Im in loss of words how badly this feels. Endless rage


It would be great that if I have to fork 250 gems just to complete this goddamn event that I would an equal shot at prizes as others and not to be penalized just because I installed version 44 (I played first 15 floors on v43 and this delay was not there). Isn’t the equal opportunity for everyone the reason they activate some features such as HotM Families only when the update is forced ?! Yet SGG makes the massive mishap of making a bug that actually has an important impact on players’ performance in event during said event. And the worst? One can’t even wait until it’s resolved (assuming it will be) because one will lose their flags for ToM, thus needing to spend even more gems if they want to complete.

And I really want to see how SGG will compensate the players (they should, since this is essentially a paid feature, though yeah I know, ToS and such, but still), considering that it will be extremely difficult to quantify how and when everyone installed v44, how many floors they played on it etc.

By the way I really hope it’s a bug and not a feature (that does not impact anything above though, as the disadvantage is still there). For NT the top floors already took 7 min apiece even without this delay. I can’t imagine how this would augment the experience from the event.


It is a bug.
I have asked @Dudeious.Maximus to notify staff, but he told me that staff is aware of it and they are investigating it.


Great, thanks for the info and for all the work you’re doing here on forum @PlayForFun ! :+1:

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I hope they can solve this quickly. It makes an already tedious event pretty much unplayable. I bought and used a flask the first day thinking I’d try to complete the tower. Now I don’t think I’m even going to use my free 10 flags per day and want a refund of the gems I used to purchase that flask

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