[KNOWN ISSUE] Tranquil Treasure Green Offer

Has anyone had this happen when trying to purchase the offer?

I let it sit in progress for a few minutes, then exited out of game. When going back in this is still on my screen.

Just got it as well. Click on the gems and nothing happens.

Same with me. Nothing happens.

For me it just kept saying purchase in progress and nothing, until game was closed

What happened after you went back after the game was closed. Did you still have the offer on the screen?

Yes, the offer is still there, not trying to purchase any longer

This is what I have now…???

Hi everyone, we are aware of the issue and are currently investigating this. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Me too. Need that sturdy shield!!!


The special elemental offer appeared today is not working. On click on the button with diamonds nothing happens. Additional to that the ammount of diamonds needed is not displayed, only ??? Please check the attached screenshot.

Just saw the other created thread, please move this.

Great! Thanks for they reply! Hope it’s fixed soon, definitely would like to buy the offer. Would love it to come for the other Elements too :blush:


who bought, how much is it?))) They say more than 400 crystals)

Hi everyone, we have now disabled the offer from showing up to players who are signing in now. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix it for this weekend but we’ll promise to bring it back as soon as we can (in the coming weeks).

We recommend not to tap the purchase button as this will cause the purchase being stuck and shop not available. Restarting the app will resolve this issue. Please note that no gems are spent on this purchase.


Whatever was the price, make a discount :wink:

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Dear Petri, can you tell me main principles of elemental offers (range of gems to pay, additional confirmation to pay). It’s very interesting, because I have more that 1000 gems, but ready to spend not more that 300. Can you show the rules, of this offer
Thank you very much.
With my respect, Zordack.


who bought, how much is it?))) They say more than 400 crystals)

Think its a vip real only

this is for everyone)

Right now it’s a buggy one. Hopefully it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later.

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