[KNOWN ISSUE] Tournament Leaderboard Scores Incorrect

And yet. last I checked the #3 score was held by someone named “Exploit”. That’s pretty funny. I wonder if they name changed on purpose.


That’s cute!

20 funny name changes

Thank you for the reports! There is currently a known issue witht the Raid Tournament leaderboards, we are currently looking into fixing the scores.


I have not been attacked on day 1, if that information helps? :thinking:


Same here… I’ll update for day two, but I don’t think that’s gonna change… hopefully I’m wrong about it…

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Not attacked today till now, don’t like that, it ruins any chance to move up the ranks if no one attacks me :woozy_face: by the way, thanks for the Titan flask! :grinning:

But they explained why that is, because people face weaker teams first now, because there were complaints that people were already out of the tournament on the first day because they faced too strong teams.

Also: I only get 400 points per won battle


Ok, thanks for the Info! :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry, still not attacked, but the ones I attack are getting stronger. Thought it the wrong way, so corrected this post! :fox_face:

This isn’t a 6 year old soccer league. Not every gets a trophy. Just because you win 5 times doesn’t mean you are going to be in first place. Just because you win every match doesn’t mean you will get 1st place. If this was the case, then there would probably be 20,000 people in first place.

My point is, instead of throwing a temper tantrum, read some of the posts, realize that there was a discrepancy in scoring, which IS BEING FIXED, a quit portraying yourself as a sore loser. I fought harder teams that I almost every time and won every match, and guess what? I’m in like… 1,500th place or something.
Other people will do better than you. Okay? This is a game… played by thousands of people at the same time. Server crashes will happen. Not every single bug will get worked out immediately to appease you.
Grow up.

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