[KNOWN ISSUE] Tournament Leaderboard Scores Incorrect

This is from tournament ranking today… How in the hell he made that much?

Defense team power probably…

Defense points will be calculated at the end of each day

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Even the guys with 3000+ how did they manage to get that amount?
My max score was 458 today
This is the type of issues i talked about yesterday in some thread that need to be fixed before returning the loot as the first tournament

There is no math in the world that can make that score.
Maybe he had 10 attacks?

This was the first thing I noticed too. Averaging over 900 pts per hit is twice what everyone else is getting.

Something has to be wrong.

The correct answer is that this is a bug. Have you not played the previous tournaments? The same bug happened and SG removed these bugged scores.


There’s no evidence that anyone is exploiting anything. There just seems to be a bug in the score reporting that’s showing unusually high scores.

Also, please be mindful of the fact that using insulting names to refer to other players is against the forum rules.


sorry i didn’t knew i walked in a church.

Not a church, but also not a bar :wink:


Think about it more like being in someone else’s house or place of business. In this case, Small Giant owns and operates this forum, and they set the rules.

In case you have any further questions about what is and is not appropriate, here are the rules and guidelines:


What if that was you and you didn’t even think about exploiting whatever and a bug gave you that score?

Still, bug or not, this is unfair as far as unfair goes… many of us won all our 5 raids but scored about half those points… 5 wins brought me 2248 points… I could understand a score 500 points higher, but come on S.G.! 2000 points higher!!! That’s almost twice my score… Now, this isn’t the first or the second tourney anymore, so that excuse doesn’t stand up anymore… one could think matching should have improved by now… this is bullsh… If tournaments are still in an experimental stage, you should let us know about it, not keep us in the mists…

Oh! And by the way! My defense has nothing special about it, just an ordinary maxed 3* hero defense, not to weak, not too strong… How comes that more than 12 hours into the fights I wasn’t attacked not even once?

The highest score I ever got per fight (second or third tourney) was roughly 650 points. I don’t know if that was a glitch or not, or what the highest points possible per fight are…but SG has been notified of the concern and I’m sure they will look into as soon as the sun rises in Finland. :wink:


What about consistently getting “bugs” that cost you?

Atomos reviving…
Elemental Link healing…
Getting kicked mid fight cause of a server issue…
How many times we gonna be Guinea pigs?

I’ve literally lost all desire to even participate anymore. Rewards arent even worth the 4 day wait at this point.

Tourny is sucking for me right now. I have a defense team listed and ive been attacked 10 times. But when i go to battle im getting no opponents found, its been like this all day. Am i not gonna be able to use to use my 5 flags for today or what?

Its still there in the leaderboards… Lets tag staff


Oops… didn’t read this :sweat_smile:.

If it was religious rule, it apply outside church as well (for the believer) :joy:

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Funny that you assume it’s a “he”. Not to be a jerk, but females are good at this game too. I’m one of them. Matching is still not on point with raid tournaments. Last time my defense was attacked 50+ times, and this time nothing so far. My loot tier is lower because of it, but I will persevere and not complain about it. I have won all of my battles- just like last time! So we will wait and see:)

Seems you put the reply to wrong person, it was @TheReDeeMeR who use “he”, not @Draconis

Sorry Draconis- that wasn’t meant to be toward you:) it was meant for original poster - sorry:)

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