[KNOWN ISSUE] Titanium Shield in battle text is missing

I used a Titanium Shield during Tower of Styx.

When I wanted to check how much turn is left (1 on the screenshot), then I noticed that it’s buff description text is missing.


I had a weird glitch text like that be for but it was for Grimoire Dust and it said something with (dragon.season.1) And I had a picture of it but don’t know we’re it went. And when I saw the glitch text on were to find it the only thing I could think of is the “Domain of Dragons” that is being worked on. And that was the only item with the glitched text on where to find it that I could find before the fixed it.

Staff has these constant placeholder texts everywhere, which are replaced with the actual text in the selected language.

Seeing such text what I posted above means that they do not have the English (or other language) translation for this string constant.

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As I see Staff has just marked this as known issue so it seems they see the problem too.

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