[KNOWN ISSUE] Timer bug in AW

At just over an hour into the war, one if our member‘s revive timer is at 3 hours and a bit?? How can this happen?

Interestingly, the timer is running on a sped up clock cycle, see below. It also affected one of tje opponent‘s team.



Confirming the issue:

Seven Days Departed vs. Aggressive

seven Days Hunting vs. Mercenarios Espana (oooh pretty markup!)

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Came here for this too. It’s affected three of our opponents but none of ours.

We tracked it down in Departed; couple people manually triggered it (Anchor and Jas19illini)

Leveling troops or heroes on the defense triggers oddities in the respawn timer.

Certainly when dead, we think you can level stuff when alive for no penalty.

Not relevant, but DAMN - you guys at the top are kicking each others a$$e$ :slight_smile:

Wars in the top 5 are won or lost on the second half.

Aggressive is our hardest matchup to date now that people are figuring out what works and what doesn’t for AW.

Second half this could an amazing fight haha.

@Revelate I thought they fixed that bug - it said so in the Change Log yesterday. I had explicitely asked about it.

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It did, and I thought that too; however, maybe they fixed one bug but not another, or maybe the fix just didn’t work correctly.

We didn’t test the fixes on beta which is currently shutdown; this sort of shows why better testing is important from a software lifecycle perspective. Testing in prod, fun fun!


@Petri could you please look into this issue? Thank you!!

Leveling heros on your defence team just triggered a complete Respawn of one of our teams.

Same bug as before. @Petri @Sara

Who has more hits left (based on hits consumed) so far?

Thank you guys for the reports! We’ll be fixing this for the next war. :slight_smile:


Is 7dd-Slayer an ex member or a threat?

AFAWK, just a fun name he picked for himself.

Time revival doesn’t flow normally for all players
The player fiery ronin was the first killed but he will revive after other players. It seems to be the same for Gandalf


Yeah, see here:

No the time revival was the same but it flows differently.

For 2nd revival we encounter the bug that was already reported: see godofwar and theZyx