[KNOWN ISSUE] The game freezes during a league battle

We have created a temporary test version of the game to test a possible solution to the issues some players are facing with crashing and freezing. If you are an Android user experiencing this issue, please join this test version of the game by following this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.smallgiantgames.empires
PLEASE NOTE that this link is only for testing a fix for the crashing/freezing issue. It is different from the Empires & Puzzles Beta Program. This test will be an update for your normal Empires & Puzzles account. Please be aware that any actions in the game will be applied to your account progress as usual.

You can test the version with the possible fixes by following these steps:
-Click the above link to open an invitation to the Test Build
-Click “Become a Tester” to join.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and update your Empires and Puzzles App.
    -Open your game and play normally. Let us know if you still experience the same issues with Crashing/Freezing

You can leave this “beta” at any time by choosing “Leave” on the Google Play Store page.


and I have a freezes drops framerate on any device samsung s20, s6, huawei and nox player

The update didnt fix it
Im on 62.0.2 and i just had the game freezing

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So I do think there hasn’t been any notable change outside the General tab is invisible/empty and the Inventory menu overall is kinda weird. Freeze ups still have a chance of just happen, whether it’s an offer popup after starting up or viewing a hero card in the portal preview.

V 62.0.2
This is really annoying, The game still freezing in tournaments, raids, wars, …etc

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Used the link, updated, it just froze again

Actually I think it might be worse, was 2or 3 times a day, since updating, has frozen 3 times in the last hour. @Petri is there any point in continuing this? What I am getting at, is do you get useful information from it? Or can I just leave the test?

you can leave from test, but 62.0.2 still have a freezes and drop frame rates. I wait for next release

Mine update is good. No more freeze until now, just feel a little bit not smooth as before.

Thx @Petri and @staff

Hi @Centaur ! Sorry to hear this. Can you tell me the exact build number you have? We released 2 different builds within 62.0.2 version. We are hoping the latest build 2097 would have potentially fixed the issue. Please let me know.

Others experiencing the issue as well, let us know the exact build number. It’s visible under “Options” > “About”

And my apologies for this issue.


My build is 2094 that I have with v62.0.2 test build. Will hope to see if there’s a way to get the 2197 build. Freezing up immediately because of the offer popups is very draining.

ADD: I think I’m gonna pause playing this game further now. Froze up during the last phase of the Hard mode for Untold Tales final boss. I’ll probably hop back into the game after it seems like everybody else sees the fix.

Hi @MxJunie we are very hopeful that the latest build fixes the issue. Update to either 2096 or 2097 depending on your device to get rid of the freezing. Thanks for your patience!


My build is 2096, 62.0.2 and i still get random freezes on scrolling heroes,viewing cards,titans,raids etc
I guess im going to uninstall it from my phone and only keep it on my pc through an android emulator which doesnt seem to have this issue,because its built with x86/x64 and the android devices use ARM

Seems no more freezing or crashing with V. 62.0.2 Build 2101
Thank you SG team

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Build 2100 did it for me
Edit: not fixed

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Updated. On Build 2100. Figured I should ask because despite every update, it seems to still be one consistent thing: are the images supposed to look blurred and take longer than it did in prior updates to load in? Google Play says that my device was compatible with the game and was playing everything fine until now and Idk what’s going on or if it’s connected.

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I have installed 62.0.2 BUILD 2101 and it´s getting worst, before i update it happens
in Battles now the game freeze random at every action.

Well i guess i was wrong,the last update wasnt the solution
Freezings sill happen
I give up
I’ll only play on Nox

I been using this one as well, thought it was quite promising but just froze again, then closed for some reason, when I logged off and on again. I bought a cheap tablet and am using that for war hits, still hopeful.

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Yeah, the problem continues to persist.

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