[KNOWN ISSUE] Tavern of legends change your map team to team 1

I completed tavern of legends and after that went to play map stage and my normal stage team had change to team, which is in slot 1. Same happen with both of my accounts. So I don’t think, I would accidentally change my grinding teams twice. :sweat_smile:


Now I know, why my team changed and why I had team 1 selected too for farming on my both accounts.

I was about to post this.

If your default team for maps is not team 1, when you play a tavern of legends map, your default team is resetted to team 1.

Even when you’ve finished it keeps resetting your farming team…quite annoying!!

Well it’s nice to know I am not the only one

20 characters 20 times

My default team I chose for PvE kept resetting to team number 1 AFTER I play the legendary quest. This has been happening since the quest came out the first time.

To replicate, set your default team for PvE to any team but the team number 1. Play Legendary hero quest once (the one that you can use your hero only once). After finish one battle (regardless win or lose), go back to any normal battle and your selected team is reset to team number 1.

Please fix it. This is very annoying.

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This is the second time since the V.30 update when I find my self farming with my slot 1 team, which happens to be my raid team. I remember experiencing this kind of problem long long time ago. Is it a game wide issue once again or what? Does anyone else experience this lately?

Yup, it keeps defaulting to Team 1 for me, too.

One of my most experienced alliance mates (lvl69) also confirmed this happened to him.

I guess you both played the tavern of legends event.
The issue still isn’t fixed, that after playing tavern of legends, you will have team 1 selected as farming team.
It was reported a long time ago, but they seem to forget or refuse to fix it.

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But it seems like it went away at some point, and then came back. Did it go away after TOL ended?

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Can’t be that old, ToL is only one month old. Still, it seems consistent. It crossed my mind it might be related. Still last month it didn’t happen to me.

Each time you play tavern of legends, you will have team 1 selected as farming team.
If you then change your farming team again to e.g. team 2, it will not change and stay team 2.
But if you then play again a level of travern of legends, you will have again team 1 set as farming team.

So, now tavern is done, it shouldn’t happen anymore?

Yes, now it earliest happens on the next tavern event…

Yes, I’ve confirmed that its back to normal again :dog:

but I wasnt sure whether ToL was the culprit.
whenever you do a stage from ToL quest, your world map team is reset to the first, which might be a problem for anyone who has something else in the first team slot.
it is more of a nuisance, than a problem, but would be nice if they fix that.


Ah, so that’s why I accidentally used my Titan team a few times for farming!!

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I think this was mentioned after the first ToL. It doesn’t look like it had been addressed. There is no reason for it. I mean when you do any other event or challenge, this doesn’t happen.

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