[KNOWN ISSUE] Springvale Calendar Changes Date at Different Time (00:00 GMT) than Offer Changes (07:00 GMT) – Visual Bug

I got today’s which says the 16th (even though it’s still the 15th in my timezone) sucks that I missed one even though when I bought today’s it was 3am here & I last played around midnight before the purchase… When did the 15th pop up?

There appears to be a visual bug, where the calendar date changes at 00:00 GMT, but the offer changes at 07:00 GMT.

The offer currently up (Hidden Blade + 200 gems) is the first one.


Today is April 15th and the calender popped up after midnight this morning yet it says the offer for the 15th is expired. Also shows that today is the 16th. The offer showing for today (the 16th according to the calender) includes gems and a hidden blade.

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Why would offer one and two be the same?

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They’re not the same

It’s a visual bug, the offer that is currently showing is still the first one but the date has already changed to 16th, the new offer for the 16th should come up after few hours. :slight_smile:


@Petri @zephyr1

We got a visual bug here.

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Ok thank you for helping

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Thanks for the info… I appreciate it…


I thought there was a glitch too. I bought the first days offer and it’s showing that the second day was bought as well… but I didn’t buy that one.

But you’re right, the timer still shows 4+ hours left on something.


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I believe this is old code from the original Winter Fun calendar that did change at 0:00 UTC


20 x compensation and 20 x more

I’d personally love to see an Anansi-based, spider hero.

…But this probably comes as a surprise to no one.

(And avatar, please!)

Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue. We are currently investigating this here and hope to get it fixed as soon as possible!


This visual issue should be fixed after tomorrow’s offer (please do note that due to the fix, tomorrow’s offer will be only available until 0:00 GMT).


I’m having a different issue with the offer calendar. The offer is currently 200 gems + 1 orb, but it won’t allow me to purchase it. I get an error message that I already own this item.

I’ve seen people run into that error message before, and typically it will resolve itself if you force quit and reopen the app, restart your phone, or wait several hours.

If force quitting or restarting your phone don’t work, you can also try the troubleshooting steps here:


And if all else fails, you can contact Support:

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Thanks for advice. It did resolve itself after a couple of hours.


Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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