[KNOWN ISSUE] Spelling mistake in SV storyline

Season 5 Province 9 completion has a spelling mistake. @Petri Beautiful not Beatiful.


Maybe the rivers are being investigated by the Vatican for sainthood…


Hi, thank you for the report, this will be fixed in Version 50!


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spell check

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@PlayForFun pretty sure this was reported before already but seems like it’s still there.

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I am not really see any spelling error here.

I cannot find in any online dictionary ‘beatiful’ word.
So it should be ‘beautiful’.

Oh, I did not noticed the missing U.
I have automatically corrected it during reading :smiley:

I have asked Staff to check and fix it.

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Yep already reported ( remembered due to my bad joke from last time)

Being fixed in V50

It won’t be in a proper dicky. It’s urban slang.

Urban slang gets included in a proper dicky once it’s has caught on enough to be considered a “normal” word.

Yeah, I’ve seen that urban dictionary has this word, but I checked just oxford and cambridge dictionaries. I really doubt that SG wanted to use this word. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, every time I check a slang word that is new to me in the urban dictionary there’s always at least one definition that is, let’s say, erotic. Like every single word. :sweat_smile:

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Agree. I was hoping that some young intern used that word intentionally. :joy::rofl:

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OK so topic to close/merge. Known issue with already a fix version. @Dudeious.Maximus

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