[KNOWN ISSUE] Shop Not Loading for Some Players on Android [Master]

Hi @SuchaShowoff, and welcome to the forum. Small Giant believes this is most likely an issue with purchases having been disabled from the device settings or the payment information being incorrect. They’re checking to see if there are any problems on their end but their advice is to contact Google or Apple for assistance with those two potential problems.

Here’s the post by Petri, the Small Giant community manager, talking about it:

Hey everyone im trying to keep my VIP, but the gem shop is stuck in loading. I have change my cards on file, I have log out and logged back in…Nothing. What should I try next? Is there a tech support or something??

Same issue here. Gem shop loading for over a week, special flash sales not appearing, submitted ticket, received a bs answer. Please, if someone finds a fix, let us know!

Since update I Cant buy gems

Could you explain a bit further and/or provide screenshots?


It won’t let me buy gems from the since my last update on the game

it has nothing to do with google play or pay, or my debit card or method of payment. Since My last update it won’t load the gems section in the store it just says loading. I have already spent money on this game I like it but am fixing to loose interest because I can’t buy what I want to help me advance. And now I’m beginning to feel like I have wasted my time & money. I don’t suppose smallgiantgames.com is willing to refund that since the product is busted

Maybe it’s because you have spent too much on this game, and your wallet is forcing you to take a break :laughing:

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Haha that would be nice lol. But since I have spent money on it now its hard for me not to play it cause I don’t want to feel like I just threw it away. Especially this is something I’d fuss at the kids about.

@Machelly I’ve merged your post in with the master thread on this subject, since the problem is with the gem store loading.

I’ve also asked the devs if they have any further insight on what might be causing this problem.

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Seems to be spreading…and it seems SG keeps telling all the new people its happening to the same thing they told me.

One may even assume that they wont fix the problem until it starts effecting their profit…

Tick tock…tick tock…:alarm_clock:

For those of you that are still having gem purchasing issues could you do me favor and tell me if you have android or iOS?

I’m trying to figure out what we all have in common sense nobody at SG seems to want to figure it out.

I also want to know exactly when did you start having the problem. Mine started soon after the update. The last purchase I made for gems was on May 2nd.

If I could pinpoint the commonality of these issues I might be able to resolve it and give you the method I used.


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I am also having this same issue. It is NOT an issue woth thw google play store as the transaction never even makes it to them. The “gem shop” simply won’t load. I contacted Google play just in case and guess what?!? They confirmed everyrhing with my account is PERFECT and their is absolutely no issue on their end. Screenshot_2019-05-23-16-27-23

That’s the same thing they told me. My Google play is perfect. Small Giant fix this im trying to get Gravemaker and yall holding me back! Plus I need my VIP

Did u get it fixed??

DID u get it fix yet??

I think mine started in the beginning on May. I play on Android. When I had to do like 3 updates in a row.

Same here! Submitted a ticket… No solution! Has been a problem since the last update

Ok people…I found out the problem.

The problem seems to be only effecting ANDROID phones so it’s something in the current build that’s keeping the shop in loading mode when you attempt to purchase gems.

I found a way around it but it requires a little effort and time invested.

If you want to make purchases, you can download an app installer onto your computer (PC or MAC) and then download the app onto the platform.

These are the steps I took.

Step 1 Go to this link and download the installer to your computer …https://www.bluestacks.com/apps/role-playing/empires-puzzles-rpg-quest-on-pc.html

Step 2 After installing the Bluestacks installer on your computer, open up the installer and let it finalize everything.

Step 3 Go to the app center and download empires and puzzles if it’s not already there inside the app center.

Step 4 Click on the app and let it load

From this point it should ask you to sign into your Google account so it can set it up in the app center just like on your phone and afterwards you can either play the game just like you do on your phone or go straight to purchase gems and then sign out or open your phone up to verify gems are now on your game.

It worked for me and it should for your…now hurry up and go get those Atlantis heroes you’ve been wanting lol…



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