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You’re welcome, and glad it’s fixed!

There are two guaranteed (and free) ways to get an Orb: the Shiloh Desert Rare Quest, and completion loot for the Epic and Legendary tiers of some of the Challenge Events.

Both of those are hard to complete for newer players. For me personally, it took around 4 months before I could manage to consistently finish them all and get the ascension mats from them.

In the meantime, 3-60 4* heroes, and maxed 3* heroes can get you pretty far in the game. Then you just have to have patience to get ascension mats like orbs at random from Titan loot, chests, or even Mystic Vision. It’s a slow process, for sure, especially at first. As you slowly level up, it becomes easier to get mats from guaranteed sources, and to get better loot from titans.

@General_Confusion put together a nice guide on places to get ascensions mats that goes into more detail:

It’s also helpful to know how Titan loot works:

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