[KNOWN ISSUE] Shop Not Loading for Some Players on Android [Master]

No. I have a xiaomi note 4. It worked fine till about 1 week ago

Interesting. So this was completely unconnected to the v21 upgrade. That’s a useful data point.

Wow, I’ve had this problem for MONTHS now, and it looks like more and more people are. Makes me wonder how many ppl are just quitting the game without reporting it. I’ve contacted support 3x, keep getting told to contact Google play and check my payment settings (which work great on other games) and Google tells me to contact Small Giant. Crazy that there’s no fix for this yet.

And I have a Samsung Note 9+, fwiw

Yes, it seems to be connected to the v22 upgrade.
Im gonna be really upset if I cant access the Atlantis offer next week.

Most people with this issue have had it for longer. In general, the problem appears to be that people’s phones are reporting to the SG servers that payment is disabled.

Some people have had luck by deleting and then re-adding all their payment methods to the Google Play store. Other people have worked around it by downloading Bluestacks to their PCs, and then making gem purchases from there.

The Atlantis gate itself should work just fine. But unless one of those fixes works for you, my guess is you won’t be able to buy gems.

As I understand it, SG is still looking into what is causing this. They have an alpha build that may help, and you can submit a support request to see if that is a possible solution for your case.

This worked! It’s a clunky but effective workaround to what SG should be fixing. I needed to set up my BIOS settings to support virtualization. Clearly my Google Pay account works because I can access the gems page on BlueStacks.

Thank you!!!

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If it works on Bluestacks, logically, the problem is neither with Google Play itself, nor with SG itself, but must be an interaction with something on your (and other people’s) phone.

Because after all, SG accepted your payment just fine on Bluestacks, even though it’s the exact same account you’re using. And there’s no separate server connection for Bluestacks games versus tablets vs cellphones.

But what could that problem be? since I made the VIP purchase (1 month of VIP) on the 9th of June, I did the V22 update on the 11th and now the gems page isn`t working since then. I also kept waiting for the event offer to appear and it never did during Wonderland.
I did not modify any settings on my phone in the meantime.

Understood, and I have no idea myself. I’ve done everything I can to figure out what might be going on, and I’ve followed up with SG multiple times.

I’m just looking at it from the perspective of what works and what doesn’t. If it works on Bluestacks, then the issue must be localized to the phone, since the Google Play account is the same, and the game account is the same. I don’t know what on the phone might be happening, though. It certainly could be an SG issue.

Yep, just installed bluestack and it works.

Also you know when you open the game, every other time, there are popups with the elemental summons available, and event/atlantis summons available etc.

These have also stopped appearing on my phone. (Not that i`m complaining, since i hate them). But maybe it will help debug the issue.

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Since the last update, I no longer have offers for summer rewards. Problem is easy fixable but annoying. All I need to do is to use phone’s (Redmi Note 7) built-in cache cleaner, and reenter the game. It shows both offer, summer one and special mystic one normally. But only that time. Exiting game and the offers are not there, also shop is unavailable - constantly loading. No matter how many times I enter the game, until I wipe cache again it does not show shop or offers.


I cant buy gems atm see below attached.


So this is never going to be fixed?!?! C’mon SG get with it!

I missed Atlantis…


Not able to buy gems

Yeah, they aren’t going to fix it. We also missed all the free items :frowning:

I still can’t purchase gems its been since the 21 update. And I had purchased 2 VIP packages that I lost. And I haven’t had any pop up sales_& I’ve done everything everyone said to do & no help & sg just blamed google but its not google .

I wish I knew what to tell you. I’ve raised the issue with SG several times. I really don’t know what more I can do at this point.

There has been ani issue with loading shop. Sice last week I am not able to extend my VIP pass oř buy summer event offers.

Eventually the offers are not visible on my fort screen.

Thanks for fixing

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