[KNOWN ISSUE] Season 2 progress info incorrect in the player profile view

Season 2 Progress shouldn´t be “Completed”.

No that is very strange you should report it as a bug.
And just to double check I went and looked at my info and it shows it as completed also

Perhaps because you’ve completed all that is available so far. So in essence you have completed season 2 as it is only 3 provinces long so far.

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Thank you for the report - we’ll fix this for the next update!

In my player profile (the one that opens when you click your avatar) I see that I have completed season 2.


Of course I have not, I’ve just completed the available stages in both modes. Am I misunderstanding the meaning of this field?

This has been reported in several threads already.

Ok Thanks, I made a rapid search but didn’t find it

Check this one :wink:

I’ve seen this, but it is about a different thing