[KNOWN ISSUE] Season 2, Dense Fog; missing special skills

This is 7-4 new season mission.
Liana special doesnt do any damage, no animation, And there is no word “missed”.
For example, joon s special is working notmally
I dont know, how to put there a video file.
If you tell me how - i will put it)

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The stage have a miss chance om special skills. You can see it in the info about the stage.

Upload your video to YouTube then copy the link here.

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Fog. Read special stage

No no no.
Look: joon special is work. There is a animation. And he miss.
Liana have no animation. This is a bug, and not a fog.

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@CiuPekTong it is clearly a bug.
Either it is not showing „missed“ or not working at all
But constantly saying fog does not help here.

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Ok. Tried 2.7.4 myself.
There is something off @Petri @Sara

Sartana did no damage and no „MISS“ popped up, same as @Weedsssd Lianna BUT! Her dot was applied (see pic below)

#edit: when tiburtus misses he does not apply his defense debuff.

Also kong had 2 hits, one miss and 2 nothing (pic below)

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Same with Gregorion, its look like he’s hitting his own team :), and no MISS as well.

Yeah had miss animation too, but just thought it would have missed anyways. But my miss animation was must on justice or khagan.

Uploading: Screenshot_20181028-130602.jpg…

As you can see. I hit the middle three with gormeks ramming pulveriser, middle and left took on the defence buff but took no damage, guy on the right took nothing at all. This feels like a bug

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Thank you for the detailed information & videos - we are looking into this!


It has been posted several times under different names. Obviously not working as intended.

Also happened with my Elkanen

We were able to reproduce this and could see that the reason is broken visualizations; therefore It looks like the skill did nothing instead of showing the feedback for the missing hit. The issue will be fixed in version 17 - Thank you for helping us find & fix this visual bug @Weedsssd @Rilf and everyone else!


@Sara thanks. But the fact that sartana missed (and it did not display the hit) but the dot was still applied (and worked) might be a different thing?

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I have to agree, my gormek special caused zero damage to all 3 enemies but did inflict the defense debuff on two of them. That makes no sense, if its a miss then the buff shouldn’t even be applied. But to cause no damage but lower defence seems like a definite bug.

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