[KNOWN ISSUE] Redirected to raid *tournament* screen, not the tower screen, after revenge

I might have found a (convenience) issue when finishing a raid revenge where I have to rematch when I have lost the first revenge attack:
I don’t raid actively. I only ever do revenge attacks. And I don’t care if I may lose cups when my first revenge attack fails (keeps happening every now and then), because it is just about filling the raid chest.
However, after finally winning the second revenge attack, the NEXT button doesn’t bring me back to the tower screen (where I can see who attacked me etc.), but instead it shows me raid tournament screen, which is totally unrelated to what I actually did. This even happens when there is no raid tournament active.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. In your tower screen find any player that has raided you
  2. Lose the first revenge attack
  3. Win the second revenge attack
  4. Hitting the next/OK button will show the raid tournament screen, not the tower screen

Is this intended?

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If you do a rematch, on a revenge, it always takes you to the Raid screen.

I have no idea why…it just does :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, that’s what I would expect. And instead it is showing me the raid tournament screen. :wink:

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Oh yes, I get that too!

Some of you probably didn’t noticed but.
When you do a revenge from your tower or on login, and you lose. (then you do a rematch and you win) you will be automatically redirected to raid tournament section unstead of tower or normal raid section.

Thats a bit annoying, And in my opinion it’s not really intended.

Raid and raid tornament have nothing in common.

when you do revenge and you win first try, you are redirected to tower to do more revenges for informations.


Me too…


20 tournament redirections

Started last tournament here…

Even when there is no active tournament, it autodirect us to tornament section. Btw


Yes, I’ve noticed this odd behavior for a while now. It is very annoying, and seriously doubt it was intended to work this way.

This is annoying, but also when you are raiding someone and when you lose and do a rematch, the opponent changes without any notification. This probably happens because the opponent got online, but it completely F’s me over.

Yup, it is quite annoying.

I have mentioned that a few days ago:

Maybe this topic here gets a bit more attention.

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Thanks! I’ve merged the reports together, and renamed the topic to help people find it when searching. This definitely looks annoying.

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Thank you for reporting, we’ll be fixing this in the next update (version 22)! I have marked this as a known issue (along with two other Raid UX problems).


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