[KNOWN ISSUE] Red Hood's Fox Minions show "Resist" when using Banners [Visual bug]

When using Red Hood’s skill to create Fox minions, using a banner battle item makes the “Resist” message show up on the heroes with fox minions.

The “Resist” message showing up is just a visual bug though. The banner effect still applies to the heroes, so thankfully the banners still work.

Screenshot below. Note that the effect is still casted, yet the resist message is showing up (and there’s very clearly no enemy here that reduces mana).

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Under water the banners are wet :smile:

Joke aside, it seems normal to me. The heroes benefit from the effect, but we know no effect may be applied to minions and this is why they resist.

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I’ve only seen it for Red Hood’s minions though. Not for Druid thorn minions, etc.

A benefit of her fox minions is that their owner resists mana reductions (think Seshat). The “Resist” message usually only comes up when a mana reduction is attempted on the owner.

So that’s why I’m thinking it’s just an issue with her foxes + banners that makes it come up.

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Did you try and other place than S2? Who knows, maybe my joke is not a joke at all and they act like this when the battle has those special conditions, like fog, mist, under water…

Aye, my thoughts too, but I’ve tested that already. First noticed it while doing Morlovia (dragon banner). From there I went to S1 8-7 and saw the same thing (no conditions in this battle, used bear banner). Then I went to S2 underwater (with turtle banner) just because I wanted a stage with a different condition, this time I was ready for the screenshot.

Thank you for letting us know, this issue should be fixed in the version 26. I have now marked this as a known issue.


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