[KNOWN ISSUE - Raid Tournaments / Bloody Battle] Atomos and Hero Talents Healing/Reving Enabled

“Healing and resurrection have no effect”

Despite this, Atomos resurrected when I fought him. Twice, even - the second time was to make sure I didn’t just dream it.

Can provide video, of the second resurrection, if necessary.

I’m assuming this is a bug unless what Atomos does doesn’t count as resurrection?


Maybe he’s schizophrenic and becomes someone else after each resurrection. :wink:


Similar thing happened to me with Colen. He was the last hero standing and revived.

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Unless I am mistaken the skill revive from tokens is different from the special skill resurrection.


Yes it looks like the revive from emblems is still possible, the revive by another hero (alby/Mother North) should not be possible.

I marked this as a known issue, as it is not intended. Also, it seems revives work for Class Talents.

My apologies for this issue!


Aegir also healed vs me.

My whole tactic was to not worry about his special going off too much as it wouldn’t heal him.

Then after a while I notice he’s healing up every time, making my plans redundant. It’s the only one I’ve lost so far

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Yes, revive talent works for sure, and it’s not supposed to have any effect.

I used mine, as stack and damage sharing because i knew it wouldn’t work as intended [i even removed him from my defense team] but he didnt heal anyone, so maybe it only works when he’s in defense? and only the 4% spirit link?

not mine opposite Aegir.
a green zero from hitting Alasie with normal attack, another green Zero from elemental link

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Well I’m sure (unless I imagined it in my rage haha) that the green 0 came up but his health bar increased

It happened to me fighting Elena

Okay there is a difference. @Petri

Revive is a class talent that revives the hero with 1hp and unless I’m wrong I dont believe SG intended this to be blocked.

Resurrection is a special ability that has a chance to resurrect each hero on the team. This was intended to be blocked and is.

Working as intended, as far as I’m concerned. I am enjoying this tournament style.

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Petri indicated this is a bug upthread, so I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

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Yup. I lost a raid because Magni revived on me. (It was going to be close, I had a pretty bad board!)

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So are we going to be compensated for losing bugged battles and no longer being able to participate in the tournament?

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good … the RAID tournament my defense was only attacked once … how can I give category And … if my defense only suffered an attack … how do I know if my defense resulted ?? how can you draw a conclusion if my defense only suffered an Attack. category E … while many Warriors have 5 6 ATTACKS … if they can help me I am grateful … thank you all good game

of course we will
we all get REDUCED LOOT!

And the privilege of beta testing this bugged feature for them live…while actually possibly spending real money to do so.

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I am fairly sure Guin healed each turn for a while. I kinda forgot about no healing and didn’t pay close attention, but she fired 3 times and I kept hitting her. Is it possible healing per turn with Guin (or Aeron) is still in effect because the text says “regenerate” or is this a bug too?

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