[KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament Defense Grade Low Due to Not Being Attacked

Because (1) They almost immediately acknowledged the Tournament was not functioning as intended, and (2) because I don’t look at what someone else got; hey, free loot! :grin:


I love the concept of the new tournament. The only issue i had was that my team was never attacked, hence not giving me the opportunity to win the tourney. I think it would be much better if you only kept the players that survived in the pool to be attcked for the next day. It would seem much more fair this way.

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  1. titans do this daily. Today I pulled an orb from B, A+ got wood. You win rolls… maybe increases odds - not loot.

  2. victory is not the only thing that seems to assign points; arbitrary ‘difficulty’ bonus points

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It’s not a joke. I won better loot than any 10* titans defeated in 2 weeks. Got 20 atackwins 0 defends, 5%10% the loot was great.

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I agree the loot reward for top 10% or better is very good!

I did check it prior to the post. Was only kidding. :slight_smile:

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Ich wurde dafür zig mal angegriffen von wesentlich stärkeren Teams. Auch das ist ungerecht, da kann man nur verlieren. Und andere wurden gar nicht angegriffen…:upside_down_face:

Defense team

* The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the strength of their Tournament Defense Team. (Linky, linky)

Did anyone else Read this and say out loud “WTFighterEmblem Devs?”

I hope I am misinterpreting something here.

so set a weaker defense that you can emblem or level after match making starts get easier attacks on day 1 and have weaker teams attack your now improved defense team.

Same here. It’s not really a tournament if you go undefeated and never face a challenger. Like everything else in this game, it was probably rushed out without being properly tested or even developed. I have a laundry list of other bugs in this game. Add this one I guess…

Good comment. I told my alliance that everyone should set up a team and play at least once for participation loot.
It will work out. Improvements may take a while but that’s ok. Raid Tournament is free. Doesn’t even cost raid or world energy flags.

Did anyone else get attacked zero times, defaulting to a grade of C? I didn’t lose a single offensive match but I came in in the 1-5% bracket. I’m not complaining too hard, as I got some great loot, but I do think everyone ought to be able to get a defense no matter what given that E&P is distributing the matchups.

@SenseiScott Welcome to the Forum!

I moved your post to this thread, as the issue you asked about was a bug in the first Tournament that was widely discussed — as you can see from this thread.

That’s why there was no Tournament last week; so the devs could work out a new version of Tournament Matchmaking to try to address those problems.

Once you see how it goes this time around, you can share your feedback here: 🏅 Discussion and Feedback on the Updated Raid Tournament Matchmaking & Difficulty Bonus

And if you want to discuss team planning or strategy, there’s a thread for that here: 🏅 [STARTING SOON] Second Raid Tournament! — FAQs, Teams, and Discussion

2 weeks have passed. again lack of attacks. Again defense grade C. Again 1 place tournament with a team of heroes 2 *. What has been done in 2 weeks? reduced rewards! Thank you very much :wink:

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I went from 0 in the first one to 8 already in the 2nd and I am fielding a competitive maxed 3* team so it does appear to be better.

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My side of the story, I’ve only been attacked once, and unfortunately lost, so I’m currently grade E with a team above 2.5K in defense.
Mathematically, this ain’t an average result, just lots of points lost for just 1game, you need at least 2 “entries” to make an average (simple dictionary explanation)
I’m not saying my team is that strong, but I can assume it being able to perform better on different opponents.

Anyway thanks for the efforts, and hope this get fair for everyone soon.

Issue still present:

The fist day I has been attached only one time, I lost and I didn’t get any defense point.
The other days I has been attacked more times and I won several times obtaining A grade all other days.

My the defence score was
E / A / A / A

One more remark:
Attack point has been deeply increased.
I think also defense points need to be increased.
IMO a 5/5 attack with B defense should have about the same points as 4/5 attack, A defense.

I was attacked one time each day. 1 win/3 losses - E/E/E/D. That is a killer for making top 1% even though I was highly successful in attacks.

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