[KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament Defense Grade Low Due to Not Being Attacked - Staff Response Post #7

You get score C which is 500 points.


if no one attacks a defense team at a tournament, then its defense grade is shown at “C” level. But the absence of attacks confirms the great strength of the defense team, not its weakness. It would be a mistake to equate such a team with another, which lost 60% of the battles. In the absence of attacks, the defense grade for the team must be at level “A”. the strength of my defense team in a tournament is over 3500. such a team could not lose 60% of the battles.


The same thing! It cannot be this way anyway

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I really don’t like that my team strength has no influence on my points. I win all the attacks, but get paired to weak teams, and I have a very strong defense team but don’t get attacked. This format is useless when you can’t use food to re-pair, and also if you don’t get attacked you should be A, not C.


I am in the same boat but, going on the increasing difficulty of my opponents, I would guess higher level teams won’t be introduced into the competition until tomorrow.

When you think about this, it makes sense. If we went straight in on Day 1, there would still be lower teams in the mix on day 3 & 4 which would mean players that drew them would have a massive advantage.

Also, lower level teams could find that they wouldn’t be able to win even one round on day 1 if they were drawn against a 3600 team.

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We are aware that the attacks have not been spreading evenly for the first tournament. We are hoping to fix this for the next Tournament. Apologies for the inconvenience! As this is a brand new feature, we are still looking into improving it and making further adjustments.

I have marked this now as a known issue.


Thank u @Petri. I was confused for a moment only on how I had earned a C rating when no attacks had been made on my defense. But u answered everything. Sounds like u have it totally under control and I have no doubt it will straighten out. I actually really like it. Think it’s fun. Kudos on the idea!!!


Actually C grade is the default. It’s just that if you have not been attacked (which you should be by now), the grade stays the same.


@Petri thank you for responding that helps a lot and I agree with @EVA01 I like it I think it’s fun and something to look forward to everyday and gives the game more options in things to do.


Thx much appreciated

I really hope you know the team power of the player you responded to here. If you are speaking in general, then this pooch is screwed.

If this “tournament” is not set up in tiers or flights or whatever, then it will be randomness run amok. If the problem is simply some defenses are hit too often while others not at all, hire a tournament director who is not in IT.


I thought this went through Beta testing before it was released? Maybe you need to find some decent beta testers. I’m not sure what your criteria is but I know for a fact that you didn’t choose an SQL developer that does testing every day.


Hey bro!!
SG should give us some gems for compensation… right? hahahahaha xD

joking =(

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We tested the format and encounter some problems…

It’s not our decision if the product is ready or not!!!


The second day I have category C. No one attacked. This means that I lost 800 points in the tournament. With category A in two days I have to get 1800 points from the defense team. Instead, the default category C - brought me only 1000 points. At the same time, in the last days of the tournament, strong teams will start attacking me and the number of points will decrease even more. From this bug weak teams can earn as many points as strong ones. What is the point then?


I think I figured it out:

So players with 2600 raid trophies CAN NOT be attacked until Day 2 when players get enough Tourney Laurels to be considered a match.


Same issue as everyone else, I keep getting paired with players that let me earn less than 300/attack, and I still haven’t been tested on my defense team, so ending up in the 25-50% loot tier is a bit frustrating considering my team being at 3440.


same issue here, and not just me: whole alliance and not a single one in global-chat…

so 2nd day of raid-tournament half way done and not a single attack to defeat…

how does SG think we can anyhow compensate these missing hundreds of points?

or will the scoreboard being reseted once raid-tournament works probably?

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It’s the launch of a free feature, that’s opt in, that’s runs every week

Beta testing isnt some magical process that perfectly melds lab testing, design, training and expectations - but theres a noble prize for anyone that can figure it out -

Pushing to production has its hiccups :slight_smile:

Ease up on the compensation talk / lost points - it’s basically going to be a soft launch while the installed base gets up to speed - that’s just normal

@Petri Is keeping us updated - and I’m sure he loves his aespestos ‘product launch’ clothing — but keep in mind, it’s probally going to take a few tweaks to get it right - and may change based on the results of the installed base…

If it’s not your thing yet - just opt in and forget about it for a bit … collect your freebies at the end until the feedback is more inline with expectations —-

Takes a lot to launch this stuff…


Interesting theory, but I have serious doubt that raid matchmaking is to be compared with tournament matchmaking.
For raid you’re paired with players somewhere around your score (in my experience I’d say +/-200 trophies)
In tournament you’re paired with any player that entered, to this point, the highest team I fought was a 2200ish and highest player was lvl 19.

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