[KNOWN ISSUE] Raid team reset

My raid team randomly resets and becomes team 1 (my default Titan team). IT DID NOT USE TO DO THIS!!! I’m been screwed out of many raid flags thinking I was bringing team 3 (my raid team), but instead get team one. Many times I don’t even know until 3 or 4 moves in! By that point it’s over. Why did this change? It should always default to the last team used like it used to! Yes, this is a BUG!

Sounds like you should submit a support ticket. In the meantime, I’d probably set my raiding team to Team 1 for safety if I were you.

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Think I will…thanks for the idea.

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Hey guys, thanks for posting - I was just informed this will be likely fixed in Version 22.1 :+1:


Awesome, thank you!!

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Thanks for submitting this. I thought that I had noticed something strange, as well, but I wondered if it had always existed and I just wasn’t paying attention before. I’m glad to know I’m not going crazy. I don’t mind farming with my raiding team by accident, but raiding with my farmers… :crazy_face:


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