[KNOWN ISSUE] Raid rematch reverting to reroll v21

This has happened multiple times recently. I will be on the 1st rematch and the system will assign me a new team as if I hit reroll. I thought I was making the mistake, so I started really paying attention, and it has happened the last two teams I have fought. First noticed this issue about 2-3 days ago.

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was the opponent online the moment you lose a raid ? (Because thats very annoying)

This has been happening forever. It’s one of the things that annoys me the most with this game

Lose a match to someone you know, then go to rematch and poof you’re facing a different opponent and all you can send is your loss vid instead of a loss and a win vid

Doubt it cause i thought the same when it happened to me but when you click their profile they’re still offline and talk to them in line and get the same info. It’s definitely a minor glitch that is stupidly common

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 Merge Merge Magic time!


Agreed but sucks it’s about to get buried. This has happened for sooooooooooo looooonnngg

@Petri seriously this has been happening for a really long time. Why does it do it and is it fixable?

Well they fix it and then it breaks again. Maybe the fix breaks something else and then they have a infinite loop of break/fix going on…lol

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True just blows. I know most probly shrug it off and dont care, but for people that do exchange raid vids it’s pretty irritating.

Hopefully they’ll give it a final fix eventually

Ok rant over lol

Thank you for reporting, we’ll be fixing this in the next update (version 22)! I’m marking this as a known issue.


Thank you very much, @Petri!


This is a long-time ongoing bug. Hit me again today. Apparently caused by the target player coming online during the raid, so he can’t be raided when online.

I keep getting but by this annoying bug. I hit rematch and fight so fast that I don’t realize I’ve been bamboozled until it’s too late. Then I’m I’ll equipped with bad heroes for that fight AND worst of all, I don’t get my ■■■■ REVENGE!

At least give us a warning!

This is still happening, suppose we are waiting for a patch. Happened to me a few times yesterday.

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