[KNOWN ISSUE] POV bonus points for Challenge event? Mighty Pets

Good morning,

Since the format and revamp change of the challenge events we have had the welcome addition of points available to go along with content in the game, a wonderful change in the right direction!

There is an issue with the mighty pets event… there is no POV bonus for completing Rare, Epic, Legendary, and then a replay.

Is this a bug or intentional design?


I have already asked/notfied Staff about this.

I am still waiting for answer.


Ok thank you @PlayForFun , I didn’t see a thread on it looking at bugs/issues before posting :slight_smile:

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Actually I have asked it after I saw this post here for example:


Thank you for the report. We’ll look into adding the missing Path of Valor challenges for the next Mighty Pets rotation. My apologies for the inconvenience caused by this!


Thanks Petri, but this is quite a bit of points missing for players, easily close to 1,000. Any adjustment for the current POV?


Edit : Never mind. I forgot that Costume is in rotation with Legends which also gives 750 points

So for every POV, we should have 3 x 750 points
Challenge Event

@Petri Hi Petri, so does this mean that this month there will be 750 fewer points available?

There’s not a way you can add in an alternative way to earn those 750 points?

Many thanks!

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